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BIBA CEO steps down

Written by Merlin Beyts - ITC DIA Europe on May 15, 2023

Steve White, the Chief Executive of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), has announced his retirement during the second half of this year. With a heavy heart but also immense pride, White shared the news with the audience at the annual BIBA Conference. Having served as CEO for the past 10 years, he holds the record for the longest-serving CEO in the Association’s 47-year history.

During his tenure, White has delivered on his commitment to actively engage with BIBA members, attentively listening to their concerns and advocating for them. His leadership has significantly strengthened the Association, both financially and in terms of governance structure. Today, BIBA is recognized as the go-to place for brokers, politicians, media, and regulators regarding insurance broker issues.

Under White’s guidance, the BIBA Conference has experienced remarkable growth, establishing itself as the largest insurance broking event in the UK and one of the largest broking conferences globally. Additionally, BIBA’s commercial function and the Find Insurance Service have undergone substantial transformations, surpassing their previous states from a decade ago. The development of the Manifesto, a result of actively addressing member issues during the Tour of the Regions, has become an influential and transparent tool in BIBA’s lobbying efforts on behalf of its members.

Reflecting on his journey, White expressed his gratitude to BIBA members for their engagement and emphasized the critical role they play in shaping the Association. He encouraged members to not only join BIBA but actively participate in its initiatives, a challenge that many members have embraced wholeheartedly.

Jonathan Evans, Chair of BIBA, conveyed the Board’s appreciation for White’s exceptional leadership during challenging times. Evans commended White’s unwavering dedication and enthusiasm over the past 10 years, acknowledging his role in steering the Association towards success. As White prepares to depart later this year, the Board has formed a sub-committee to oversee the selection process for the new Chief Executive, ensuring a smooth transition for BIBA.

As White concludes his tenure, BIBA remains in a robust position, ready to carry forward the legacy he leaves behind.


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