All presentations of ITC DIA Europe – Munich 2023

Everything from ITC DIA Europe - Munich 2023, including keynotes, deep dives and show & tells!

Keynote 'Biohacking. Solving the Healthcare Crisis' by Eduard de Wilde, Leading Biohacking Expert,and Founder and CEO of LiveHelfi and NoordCode


Keynote: 'A Pivotal Step in Safeguarding the Digital Asset Landscape' by Genevieve Jubitana, Digital Assets Visionary, Head of Insurance, Avata


Thought Leader Interview 'Zego’s vision for the future of Insurance' with Sten Saar, CEO, Zego


Thought Leadership Interview 'Beyond Coverage: The Future of Embedded Insurance Strategies', with Pablo Fernandez, Sales VP Affinity of Marsh


Thought Leader Interview - Katharina Jessel, Board Member for Sales and Product, Bavaria Direkt and Esther Prax, Program Director, ITHM


Deep Dive 'Harmonizing AI & Automation: A practical guide to responsible innovation' by Tais O'Dwyer, Vice President and Head of Global Financial Services Industry, UiPath


Deep Dive by Christian Koch, Senior Vice President Cybersecurity – IoT/OT, Innovations & Business Development, NTT Data


Deep Dive 'Insider secrets: why you should invest in your future with pregnancy benefits' by Raymon uit de Bulten, Director, Pregnancy+ for Business Lead, Philips, Emily Napier, New Business Leader Europe, Philips and Celina Relecom, Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel


Deep Dive by Sven Pohl, Manager Strategic Alliances EMEA, Norton


Deep Dive 'How LAQO addresses safety and sustainability while driving growth', by Marijan Mumdziev, Managing Director, Cambridge Mobile Telematics and Ana Zovko, Managing Director, LAQO Insurance (Croatia)


Deep Dive 'How insurers can successfully use Gen AI in production systems', by Bradley Howard, Regional VP Industry Acceleration, Endava


Vision Brief 'Your Digital Playbook 2024: the latest insights on how to fuel growth' by Egmont Philips, Head of Europe, Digital Marketing & CX Practise, TCS


Vision Brief 'The Future for Insurance: prepare your business for the Insurance revolution' by Michael Zwiefler, Vice President & Partner, Capgemini


VIEWAPP: A digital inspection technology implemented via a smartphone app, which is designed for the user to perform remote inspections themselves.


Zov Solutions: Provides a fully integrated insurance platform, SID, that streamlines underwriting operations, supports the entire policy lifecycle and brings accurate insurance information to your fingertips.


XUND: An AI powered medical API that provides symptom and risk assessment to give patients a reliable initial assessment and guide them to the best point of care.


DOCK: Offers a cloud-native Banking-as Service platform to embed first-class finance experiences with ease and peace of mind.


Show & Tell of KOTA - Luke Mackey, CEO


SkinScreener: A user-friendly app to determine the personal risk of skin cancer in skin lesions, with their clinically proven AI.


Apinity: Offers an API business operations SaaS platform to easily create your own API marketplace to manage, distribute, and commercialize your API assets.


Cyberion: Specializes in providing active cyber protection and cyber insurance to SMBs, protecting clients through a comprehensive suite of cyber risk insurance.


Enterprise Bot: Improves customer experience and employee support with enterprise-ready conversational AI and process automation powered by LLM’s like ChatGPT.


Spotr: Offers an AI-powered property insights platform, helping insurers and real estate owners to digitally inspect buildings at scale to reduce on-site visits, improve risk assessment and increase insurance coverage


Claim Technology: Offers a Claims as a Service (CaaS) platform, enabling anyone involved in the claims process to automate administrative tasks or customer journeys


Ledgertech: Provides a Low code/No code Insurtech platform for Embedded Insurance and MGA As A Service (MAAS).


ValueChecker: Offers a proprietary tool that helps Insurance Claims Handlers quickly and accurately determine the fair claim values of damaged products.


Nextway: Offers easy-to-use software (Next Digital Workplace) to replace processes that involve paper, pdfs, spreadsheets and emails.


Drivequant: Enables motor insurers to create usage-based connected insurance solutions, through smartphone telematics for safer and more sustainable mobility.


Yarowa: Offers a digital marketplace and transaction platform to get access to highly qualified service providers and digitalize the processing from order to invoice.


CLIMATIG: A climate intelligence platform that helps to adapt to the effects of climate change and to mitigate the risks that come with them by geolocation.


kasko2go: Makes motor insurance more profitable through AI and telematics-based risk assessment.


YOUPLUS: B2B2C (f)insurance group that simplifies and enriches the customer journey along the entire value chain with its digital platform.


dacadoo: Offers digital engagement solutions for Life and Health Insurers to enhance customer experience and acquisition, and to improve underwriting through Health Risk Quantification.


AKUR8 offers AI based insurance pricing solutions that automates risk modelling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created


Mobilisights: Stellantis Data Business Unit; develops and licenses innovative data products for public and private companies.


Comadso: Provides comparison solutions that enable insurance companies to get a real-time overview of their own product offerings versus their competitors.


Rocket Enterprise Solutions: Helps companies speed up their processes with Rocketform, a product created entirely to revolutionize complex report management processes.


F-Secure: Online security products like identity protection and internet security to complement any personal insurance product.


Kern AI: Provides a low-code dev platform for data-centric NLP.


AGM Technologies: Provides innovative analytics solutions for the asset tracking and usage-based insurance markets.