Best in Life and Health


Powering life & health insurers through market-leading automated solutions and bespoke partnerships


Offers a digital rewarding and loyalty platform for positive behavioral change to improve profitability and decrease risks while allowing the organization to understand its clients base and create custom offerings and premiums from that data.


Enables healthcare companies to digitize the patient journey and translate data into evidence, helping patients to better understand their symptoms, get reliable assessments, and take the right next steps


SkinScreener: A user-friendly app to determine the personal risk of skin cancer in skin lesions, with their clinically proven AI.


Smart living technology to help insurers seize the opportunities of the silver economy and develop new value-added risk prevention services


dacadoo: Offering digital engagement solutions for Life and Health Insurers to enhance customer experience and acquisition, and to improve underwriting through Health Risk Quantification


Combining quantitative musicology and AI to indicate diseases such as ADHD and softer conditions such as fatigue


Developing intelligent technologies that make healthcare accessible, accurate, and convenient for everyone worldwide together with industry leaders


Empower financial institutions to deliver goal-based investing with realistic and scenario-based asset liability management methods


Data analytics solution for automated digital compliance, to prevent fraud, avoid risk, and automate (subscription) processes and workflows


Omnichannel customer conversations platform for personalised communication, experience, and engagement, powered by leading CCM software and digitized form management


E-commerce platform enabling digital insurance sales and service without rebuilding existing core systems, now part of Sapiens


Providing solutions that enable insurance companies to get a real-time and always up-to date overview of their own product offerings and how they compare to competitors


Offering Manoa, a digital therapeutic solution that supports people in managing high blood pressure and other risk factors to decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases


Offers digital intervention tools to engage policyholders living healthy lifestyles, thus supporting life and health insurers to price and manage risk at scale and provide value-add services for engagement with clients


Core solution that enables insurance distributors to build and distribute products without any code, and with record time to market


Show & Tell of KOTA - Luke Mackey, CEO


Platform offering digital life and health insurance in Latin America, bringing access to insurance for the first time to people within the protection gap


Aktivolabs: Building digital health solutions using scientific evidence-based methods to improve the health of people across cultures and countries


Shared SaaS distribution platform to connect all parties involved in offering company pension plans to make it easy and accessible for everyone


Deep Dive 'Insider secrets: why you should invest in your future with pregnancy benefits' by Raymon uit de Bulten, Director, Pregnancy+ for Business Lead, Philips, Emily Napier, New Business Leader Europe, Philips and Celina Relecom, Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel


Offers digital engagement solutions for Life and Health Insurers to enhance customer experience and acquisition, and to improve underwriting through Health Risk Quantification


Powering growth. Strengthening resilience: Reinsurance insights to drive innovation


AI and ML solution offered as API solution that enables adding triage to telemedicine solutions. This computer vision solution empowers real-time health vitals measurement to seamlessly onboard customers and drive revenues


Automated Underwriting: Trustworthy decisions at point-of-sale backed by portfolio insights


Grupo MOK: delivering and creating comprehensive solutions for customers


Data driven financial well-being


Supporting businesses and insurers with a wide range of services to drive health awareness among employees & policyholders, and provide meaningful insight


Comadso: Provides comparison solutions that enable insurance companies to get a real-time overview of their own product offerings versus their competitors.


A platform to manage providers and users of health and biometrics data derived from wearable technologies to provide detailed insights in health and wellbeing


XUND: An AI powered medical API that provides symptom and risk assessment to give patients a reliable initial assessment and guide them to the best point of care.


Vision Brief - CGI: Helping Underwriters Write More of the Right Business


Smartphone dental app that makes any toothbrush smart and provide patients with real-time feedback to improve their oral hygiene habits


Offers a fully-integrated Telemedicine Platform to improve every aspect of patient care by delivering a user-friendly platform for doctors and patients


Intelligent Document Processing solutionsusing natural language understanding to search, compare, classify and analyze unstructured tekst like insurance policies


The new battlefront for insurers: Customer experience transformation


Medical Dental Integration Insurance Innovation - a Panel with Philips


AI-powered Health Data Platform helps insurers to better risk management, reduce operational cost reduction and increase revenues by remotely extracting health data with consent


dacadoo: Offers digital engagement solutions for Life and Health Insurers to enhance customer experience and acquisition, and to improve underwriting through Health Risk Quantification.


From Falling in Love to Generating Growth: Why Tackling Problems Are at the Heart of the Matter


Digital health and well-being SaaS company that collaborated with Health Management to help people change and maintain health habits


YOUPLUS: B2B2C (f)insurance group that simplifies and enriches the customer journey along the entire value chain with its digital platform.


Improving the granularity and accuracy of pricing models, delivering more targeted results, enabling instant deployment and monitoring in real-time


Offers a global outpatient medical network to reduce claim costs and improve the customer journey for insurers in travel and expat health insurance