ITC DIAmond Award Winners – Munich 2023


Deep Dive 'How LAQO addresses safety and sustainability while driving growth', by Marijan Mumdziev, Managing Director, Cambridge Mobile Telematics and Ana Zovko, Managing Director, LAQO Insurance (Croatia)


Vision Brief 'The Future for Insurance: prepare your business for the Insurance revolution' by Michael Zwiefler, Vice President & Partner, Capgemini


Deep Dive 'Insider secrets: why you should invest in your future with pregnancy benefits' by Raymon uit de Bulten, Director, Pregnancy+ for Business Lead, Philips, Emily Napier, New Business Leader Europe, Philips and Celina Relecom, Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel


Deep Dive 'Harmonizing AI & Automation: A practical guide to responsible innovation' by Tais O'Dwyer, Vice President and Head of Global Financial Services Industry, UiPath


AKUR8 offers AI based insurance pricing solutions that automates risk modelling for insurance companies while keeping full transparency and control on the models created


Comadso: Provides comparison solutions that enable insurance companies to get a real-time overview of their own product offerings versus their competitors.


Enterprise Bot: Improves customer experience and employee support with enterprise-ready conversational AI and process automation powered by LLM’s like ChatGPT.


Kern AI: Provides a low-code dev platform for data-centric NLP.


XUND: An AI powered medical API that provides symptom and risk assessment to give patients a reliable initial assessment and guide them to the best point of care.