Show & Tell DIA Munich 2022

If it was presented at DIA Munich 2022 and a Show & Tell, then this video might be here. Sure would make sense right?

Omnichannel customer conversations platform for personalised communication, experience, and engagement, powered by leading CCM software and digitized form management


Core solution that enables insurance distributors to build and distribute products without any code, and with record time to market


White label end-to-end insurance solutions that break up the traditional insurance value chain to deliver simple, trustful, and price competitive solutions


End-to-end core platform for P&C products, no code and API driven, to add flexibility to insurance products and new business development


AI-powered building inspection platform providing property data to insurers for underwriting and pricing


Protecting the digital lives of your insured customers


Cloud-native core technology platform enabling carriers to manage complex interactions easily and efficiently throughout the lifecycle of policies


Offering Manoa, a digital therapeutic solution that supports people in managing high blood pressure and other risk factors to decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases


Offers a conversational platform that allows communication and collaboration with insurance clients to improve customer experience


Digital insurer of home and home-related insurance for private and commercial clients, offering flexible products that adapt to changing situations


AI solution with geospatial analytics offering information to insurers on a specific property and its surroundings to improve efficiency, data quality and the customer experience


e-commerce platform enabling digital insurance sales and service without rebuilding existing core systems, e.g. enabling the fast launch of digital player nexible


Proprietary modular tech platform with smart APIs, that empowers insurers to integrate or add new or tailored digital insurance solutions into their portfolio


Providing a dynamic risk intelligence and AI-based solution to help businesses reduce their cyber risk profile and exposure


API for augmented news intelligence to transform unstructured news data into insights and predictive signals for new business opportunities and risk management


Integrated AI damage estimation platform that uses image analysis and predictive analytics, to provide instant damage estimates and claims processing, reducing overall costs and cycle time


Insurance technology to enable the distribution of products via any channel, through API and alternative technologies to increase efficiency, reduce cost and digitise products


Offers a cloud-based insurance management platform, which enables embedded insurance solutions for the point-of-need


Data analytics solution for automated digital compliance, to prevent fraud, avoid risk, and automate (subscription) processes and workflows


Smartphone-based car crash detection: On-device & real-time detection and a detailed crash forensics report


Data driven financial well-being


Visual intelligence platform that reduces claims cost through transforming the claim customer journey with remote assessment and AI


Providing a Data Hub with machine-readable data from multiple external data sources, visualised in one single dashboard to build better products faster


No code AI solution to leverage (third party) datasets to optimize business operations by continuously using ML-driven actionable insights for cross-sell prediction, fraud detection, customer retention, lead scoring etc.


White-label solution that enables insurers to sell embedded insurance products online through any distribution channel


Platformication and Embedded Insurance - How to make it work for an Insurer?


Makes motor insurance more profitable and improve road safety through AI and telematics-based risk assessment


Combining quantitative musicology and AI to indicate diseases such as ADHD and softer conditions such as fatigue


End-to-end P&C insurance fraud analytics solutions powered by AI to enable safe digital transformation


Smartphone dental app that makes any toothbrush smart and provide patients with real-time feedback to improve their oral hygiene habits


Digital health and well-being SaaS company that collaborated with Health Management to help people change and maintain health habits


Empower financial institutions to deliver goal-based investing with realistic and scenario-based asset liability management methods


Shared SaaS distribution platform to connect all parties involved in offering company pension plans to make it easy and accessible for everyone


Delivering actionable intelligence using geospatial data from space and ground, combined with advanced data techniques to improve the accuracy of financial exposure for insurance and commercial clients


AI data platform to create commercial underwriting insights from a business name and address, using the API to industry-specific source data


Tech-driven Insurance Broker for Motor, Home, Life, GAP, and Student Insurance, offering yearly checks on the best insurance at the best price to its customers


Enables healthcare companies to digitize the patient journey and translate data into evidence, helping patients to better understand their symptoms, get reliable assessments, and take the right next steps


Technology to identify the claimed product and calculate the valuation and best replacement product as part of fully automated claims handling, results in lower cost and a better customer experience


No code platform for end-to-end automation of text- and document-heavy processes empowering insurers to build human-level AI skills they can integrate into existing bots or use to create “smart bots” from scratch


Cyber Insurtech Platform built to assist insurers and brokers to proactively monitor and mitigate Cyber Risk and respond to Cyber Claims and Ransomware