Die Zukunft des Versicherungswesen kehrt nach München zurück | 22. & 23. November 2023

ITC und DIA wieder in München!

Weil München schon seit der Zeit vor unserem Merger mit ITC ein unglaublich wichtiger Teil unserer Geschichte ist, freuen wir uns sehr,
Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir am 22. und 23. November 2023 wieder in der
bayerischen Hauptstadt sein werden!


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Ein globales Publikum

Die teilnehmenden Führungskräfte aus dem Versicherungswesen repräsentieren multinationale, europäische und einheimische Versicherungsgesellschaften – große Konzerne, mittelständische Unternehmen und Nischenanbieter in den Sachgebieten P&C, Lebens- und Krankenversicherung, gewerbliche Versicherungen sowie Spezialisten aus ganz Europa und darüber hinaus.

Von Allianz, AXA und Generali, Munich Re und Swiss Re über Hiscox und CNP bis zu Nürnberger,
Topdanmark und Sanitas.

Es erwarten Sie 1.000+ Teilnehmer aus 50+ Ländern
und 5+ Kontinenten


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Sample of Insurance brands that attend ITC DIA Europe in full force!

Partner der ITC DIA Europe Munich – 2023

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Es erwartet Sie ein globales, diverses Publikum mit 1.000+ Teilnehmern aus 150+ Unternehmen

„The collaboration between ITC and DIA is absolutely wonderful!“

Sabine VanderLinden Co-Founder & CEO, Alchemy Crew Sabine VanderLinden

„I’m really excited that (ITC and DIA) will together bring the insurtech community back to Barcelona next year.“

Andreas Nemeth CEO, UNIQA Ventures Andreas Nemeth

„I think the collaboration between ITC and DIA is a very good idea because it shows that insurtech is not just a question of Europe or US, it’s really something that is embracing the whole world.“

Franck Pivert COO Revenue, Wakam Franck Pivert

“It was again a remarkable density of high-quality players in the insurtech space at DIA in Munich. Compared to a few years ago, the scene has rapidly evolved from start- to scale-ups and increasingly established players with considerable size and maturity of offerings.“

Arnold Löw Head P&C Solutions EMEA – Swiss Re Arnold Löw

„When I heard that DIA and ITC are joining – I was like, that’s the perfect marriage.“

Robin Kiera CEO, Digital Scouting Robin Kiera

“I am enjoying DIA tremendously. I really like the location. It’s great indoors, and great outdoors.There’s lots of good stuff happening on the stage.“

Eric Schuh Chief Insurance Officer & CFO at ELEMENT Eric Schuh

„When I heard there was a collaboration happening between ITC and DIA I was amazed. We talk a lot about collaboration for innovation and seeing these two big events that really care about making sure we work together is beautiful news for the industry.“

Emmanuel Djengue Innovation Director, EMEA at RGAX Emmanuel Djengue

„The event so far is very unreal. Very well organized, great food, great people, great networking.“

Daniel Sandaver Founder & Managing Director at Codafication Daniel Sandaver

„DIA is by far the most prestigious conference within the insurtech industry.“

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy CEO and Founder Tapoly Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

„I believe that DIA is absolutely unique in the European landscape.“

Sergio Tomassini TPA Claims Governance Manager – EMEA at AIG Sergio Tomassini

„I saw a lot of keynote speakers that really make you think about what is going to happen in the next couple of years. A lot of inspiration.“

Clairy Moraitou Group Head of Customer, Brand and Market Insights at Zurich Insurance Company Clairy Moraitou

„We are invited to a lot of insurtech conferences but the one we locked is DIA. We travel from the US and bring the whole team. We are very big fans!“

Michael Lebor CEO of InsuranceGIG Michael Lebor

„I think the total format is great. The 8-minute pitch keeps the audience wake, it triggers their imagination, it stimulates new ideas and new innovation.“

Jeroen Starrenburg Founder & CEO OneWelcome Jeroen Starrenburg

„We are so used to going to other conferences. Compared to previous conferences, DIA is really refreshing.“

Andrew Goldby Chief Actuary at The Floow Andrew Goldby

„What you get from DIA is an open-minded and new vision of things.“

Merce Borrull Business Transformation Lead through Microsoft Partner Ecosystem Merce Borrull

„A lot of companies at DIA are presenting interesting solutions to help the insurance industry to solve the problem that they are facing.“

Josie Lai Investment Manager Infocomm Investments Josie Lai

„DIA is probably the best environment to find digital innovation and insurtech.“

Simone Salvati Group Head of Customer Experience Innovation at Zurich Insurance Company Simone Salvati

„Great location with a very different and innovative spirit.“

Gregor Gimmy CEO 27pilots Gregor Gimmy

„I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how well it organized it is, the great content that’s here the quality of the attendees and just overall the execution.“

Geoffrey Andrews Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Carpe Data Geoffrey Andrews

„Other colleagues of mine should join, because what you get from here is an open-minded, new vision of things. We should partner more, we should collaborate more.“

Merce Borrull Business Transformation Lead through Microsoft Partner Ecosystem Merce Borrull

„At DIA you get a good overview of what the trends are. It is the perfect opportunity to network.“

Sebastian Schmidt Client Manager – Reinsurance Germany (nonlife) Munich Re Sebastian Schmidt

„It’s important for us to understand what is available in the market place, what the people are doing, what technologies are available and what unique perspectives are out there. We definitely want to be part of that.“

Christopher Longo CEO & Director of Pine Technology Acquisition, CEO of Novum Underwriting Partners Christopher Longo

„New companies, new ideas, that might help me transform ERGO as a company towards a digital age.“

Mark Klein Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group Mark Klein

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