What kind of
insurtechs fit the DIA stage?

  • Challengers
  • Enablers
  • Tech leaders
  • Disruptive solutions by insurers

Exciting, provocative, innovative proven insurtech solutions

  • Enabling insurers to accelerate digital transformation.
  • True business impact; on cost savings, customer engagement and revenue growth.
  • Applications with traction. Tried and tested in practice.
  • Any technology: AI, APIs, IoT, machine learning, RPA, advanced analytics, e-identity, blockchain, core systems, robo-advice, smart home, telematics, wearables, e-health, social, you name it.
  • Any part of the primary process or value chain: e.g. sophisticated underwriting, automated claims management, fraud management, even leaner operations, superb customer onboarding, effective customer acquisition, increased loyalty and advocacy, new products and services.
  • Any business line: life, health, property and casualty, business line agnostic, and everything in between.

Fit the ‘show&tell’ format of DIA


  • Clear innovation, mission critical benefits, concrete proof points.
  • Demo – so that the audience can really experience the added value.
  • Interesting to the global DIA audience.

Previous Insurtech leaders on the DIA stage

Why you should take the stage

Presenting yourself on the DIA stage leads to more business; new leads, future clients and fresh investors. Here’s why


  • Global exposure: 1,300+ Attendees – 50 Countries – 6 Continents.
  • Real decision makers: 80% of insurance executives is C-level and C-1.
  • 95%+ Paying attendees (hungry for conversations and doing business).
  • Major investors from across the globe, all in one place.

Boost your brand awareness and reputation, by being associated with a leading premium event and fellow handpicked insurtech leaders.

The opportunity to compete for the prestigious DIAmond Award. Previous winners such as Trōv, DataRobot and Ladder are now renowned insurtechs.

What other
insurtech leaders
say about DIA

Why DIA stands out from
other insurtech events?

DIA is coined as ‘the must see insurtech event’


  • Absolutely the largest, most global and significant insurtech invent of Europe.
  • The most premium ‘innovation in insurance’ event.

A distinctive premium format and ambiance


  • Focused on connecting the real change agents in insurance.
  • High level audience. WOW experience.
  • Positive vibe, genuine hospitality and premium quality, all geared to accelerate business.
  • No boring trade fair or labyrinth of company booths you’ll only get lost into.
  • No third-rate coffee and long lines at uninspiring buffets.

DIA takes Insurtechs center stage


  • Present to over 1,300+ decision makers in our impressive auditorium in a single stream.
  • Part of the same line up as renowned top-level thought leaders.
  • No half-empty rooms. No long list of free invitees who don’t show up.
  • No risk to end up presenting for just a few yawning people in a ‘convenient’ (and totally uninspiring) meeting room. 
  • Opportunity to compete for the prestigious DIAmond Award. Previous winners are now renowned insurtechs.
  • Year-round marketing platform. Access to the 20,000+ global DIA insurtech community.

More presentation and engagement opportunities with potential business partners than ever, thanks to

  • Summer: planned in the last week of June, the best period for a safe event in the last 2 years.
  • Spacious: our new location has over double the m2 of our previous – already huge – venue, with lots of spacious meeting areas and great outdoor areas
  • Safe: all (local) governmental health requirements and other measurements in place to keep the health and safety of all attendees as our main priority.

Premium support to get the most out of your stage time


  • Active mentoring by seasoned industry experts to prepare and rehearse your pitch.
  • Based on their experience with hundreds of insurtechs already.
  • Prepare yourself with our video/AV team to secure a flawless flow.

A professional high-quality video showcasing your company and solution


  • Produced like a TV show.
  • Professional camera crew and editing team.
  • A valuable tool for your marketing and sales activities.