What is DIA and why it stands out
from other insurtech events

  • DIA is coined ‘the must-see insurtech event’, thanks to its distinctive format and renowned ambience
  • All nine editions have been Europe’s largest, most compelling, and most international
  • Aimed at connecting change agents in the insurance industry
  • A first-rate program. More than 80% C-level audience. The event with the big WOW-factor
  • Not a trade fair or labyrinth of company booths. No third-rate coffee and long lines at generic buffets. No half-empty rooms, and definitely no long list of free invitees who don’t show up

“I have been to multiple DIAs before. It’s a unique combination of the curated speeches, which are very interesting and on the other hand to connect and interact with the start-ups on stage.”

Alexander Bernet Head of Innovation and Market Management at Zurich Insurance Company Alexander Bernet

“I saw a lot of keynote speakers that really make you think about what is going to happen in the next couple of years. A lot of inspiration.”

Clairy Moraitou Head of Customer Analytics and Insights at Zurich Insurance Company Clairy Moraitou

“Probably the most diverse panel in terms of Asian speakers, European speakers and people from America. I thought the audience was definitely global.”

Rubina Rahman International Innovation Specialist at Travelers Rubina Rahman

“DIA is one of the most cost- and time efficient ways of meeting many companies in one single location.”

Kalai Natarajan Senior Vice President at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Kalai Natarajan

“A lot of companies at DIA are presenting interesting solutions to help the insurance industry to solve the problem that they are facing.”

Josie Lai Investment Manager Infocomm Investments Josie Lai

“You can be exposed to very good keynote, but also attend a lot of booths and have many one to one conversations.”

Simone Salvati Head of Direct & Digital Zurich Insurance Group Simone Salvati

“The demos at DIA are already proven somewhere else.”

Mark de Proost Director Commercial Development AXA Belgium Mark de Proost

“Fresh ideas. A lot of things in a short time of period.”

Carlos Ordonez Sanchez Business Digital Director MAPFRE Group Carlos Ordonez Sanchez

“Very interesting companies. Good networking. It is my first time here. I will surely come back.”

Patrick van Heerde Head of E-Business Manulife Patrick van Heerde

“Great overview of solutions that can be implemented immediately.”

Simone Salvati Head of Direct & Digital Zurich Insurance Group Simone Salvati

“80% of the companies that are presenting at DIA support carriers to become more digital. So, it’s very fruitful to exchange ideas and to get to know each other to drive the transformation of our industry.”

Mark Klein Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group Mark Klein

“The interaction between incumbents and insurtechs is important to create a different world. An event like this makes a lot of sense.”

HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands Special envoy StartUpDelta HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands

“DIA is probably the best environment to find digital innovation and insurtech.”

Simone Salvati Head of Direct & Digital Zurich Insurance Group Simone Salvati

“Great location with a very different and innovative spirit.”

Gregor Gimmy Head BMW Startup Garage Gregor Gimmy

“Amazing. For sure I’ll come back next year. And for sure I’ll recommend DIA to other people.”

Fernando Moreira Chief Operating Officer Emerging Markets QBE Fernando Moreira

“We are so used to going to other conferences. Compared to previous conferences, DIA is really refreshing.”

Andy Goldby Chief Product Officer The Floow Andy Goldby

“Every day there are more technologies out there. Coming to DIA and meeting all of them is absolutely awesome.”

Merce Borrull Digital/Innovation Transformation Manager Zurich Insurance Group Merce Borrull

“There are a lot of quality people attending DIA.”

Michael Lebor Chief Marketing Officer AmTrust Financial Michael Lebor

“I was extremely pleasantly surprised at how well it organized it is, the great content that’s here the quality of the attendees and just overall the execution.”

Geoffrey Andrews Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Carpe Data Geoffrey Andrews

“DIA is an excellent forum in Europe. The content is very carefully curated. Very well produced.”

Vikas Chhariya Digital Partnership Director AXA Group Innovation Vikas Chhariya

“The main challenge I have in my position is to find the right cooperation partners and therefore pre-selection is for sure it’s needed and highly appreciated.”

Markus Pertlwieser Chief Digital Officer Deutsche Bank Markus Pertlwieser

“Other colleagues of mine should join, because what you get from here is an open-minded, new vision of things. We should partner more, we should collaborate more.”

Merce Borrull Digital/Innovation Transformation Manager Zurich Insurance Group Merce Borrull

“DIA is a forum where the present meets the future. You get a snapshot of what the present world is, and you have a window to the future.”

Vikas Chhariya Digital Partnership Director AXA Group Innovation Vikas Chhariya

“DIA is by far the most prestigious conference within the insurtech industry.”

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy CEO and Founder Tapoly Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

“At DIA you get a good overview of what the trends are. It is the perfect opportunity to network.”

Sebastian Schmidt Innovation Manager Munich Re Sebastian Schmidt

“Learn about the digital trends happening. You learn a lot at DIA.”

Jameel Lalani Commercial Director MoneySuperMarket Jameel Lalani

“It’s important for us to understand what is available in the market place, what the people are doing, what technologies are available and what unique perspectives are out there. We definitely want to be part of that.”

Christopher Longo Chief Operating Officer AmTrust Financial Christopher Longo

“New companies, new ideas, that might help me transform ERGO as a company towards a digital age.”

Mark Klein Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group Mark Klein

“We attend DIA to identify possibilities to corporate with new companies.”

Jorg Heiss Senior IT Architect Hannover RE Jorg Heiss

“Since the first DIA in 2016 I didn’t miss any DIA edition.”

Volker Büttner Head of Group Innovation Generali Group Volker Büttner

Why you should definitely
partner up with DIA

  • Generate new business. Meet many new contacts and prospects. See many decisionmakers; C-level and C-1. Heads of strategy, IT, digital, omnichannel, CRM, marketing and sales, etcetera. DIA is an extremely powerful infusion for your business
  • With less than 5% free guests, everybody is driven for conversations and motivated to do business
  • Reinforce your positioning as thought leader on ‘innovation in insurance’, in the whole insurance vertical. No matter if you’re an insurer, insurtech or investor; reaffirm your own premium brand positioning by associating yourself with an -in all aspects- premium event
  • The opportunity to showcase insurtechs related to your company; client use cases, partners, portfolio companies and insurtech solutions using your platform

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Partners of previous DIA events

Who else will join?

Top notch insurance brands that attended the last DIA editions – and most likely will join us again.

What our 15.000+ audience in at previous DIA events looked like

As a DIA Partner; what’s in it for me?

  • Access to our marketing platform: our newsletter with 20,000+ circulation, our website with 500,000+ visits per year and social media presence with about 15,000 followers.
  • Distinctive and tasteful brand presence in all marketing expressions, before, during and after the event.
  • Active support in lead generation.
  • Sufficient tickets for staff, to make sure you get most out of the event.

Choose from all sorts of additional options:

  • Receive your prospects while obtaining optimal visibility in the cleverly styled ‘living room’.
  • ‘Show&tell’ privileges enable you to share your own innovative tech solution with the 1,000+ audience.
  • A table for you and your guests at the exclusive DIA Executive Dinner.
  • Former executive dinners were held at the Van Gogh Museum, Former Royal Palace Die Residenz in Munich, the A’dam Tower, REM Eiland in Amsterdam, etc. A true WOW-factor.
  • The opportunity to provide one or more presentations, masterclasses, workshops, deep dives, or meet&greets on Day 1.
  • All sorts of additional branding opportunities.

So we’ve got you interested?
What’s next?

To discuss what a DIA partnership can offer you, e-mail Mariëlle.
She will gladly tell you what options you can choose from and how we can help you get the most business out of your partnership with DIA.

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