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Why you should partner with us

  1. Generate new business. Meet many new contacts and prospects. See many decisionmakers; C-level and C-1. Heads of strategy, IT, digital, omnichannel, CRM, marketing and sales, etcetera. ITC DIA Europe events are an extremely powerful infusion for your business
  2. Gain a more in-depth session with your target audience as a tech company, insurer, scale up or consultant.
  3. Position your business via your own chosen format: keynote, workshop, masterclass, panel, interview or something of your own creation
  4. Reaffirm your own premium brand positioning by associating yourself with an -in all aspects- premium event

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What you could be presenting on stage

Show & Tell

  • Present exciting, provocative, innovative and disruptive solutions
  • Enable insurers to accelerate digital transformation
  • 8-minute presentation (no PowerPoint) for maximum audience retention

Deep Dive & Vision Brief

  • Beyond early startup stage: scale ups, tech companies and insurers
  • A more in-depth session to show your expertise on a specific topic
  • Further build your international thought-leadership
  • Choose own format: keynote, workshop, masterclass, panel interview or something entirely different!

What distinguishes ITC DIA Europe
from other insurtech events

Europe’s must-see insurtech event stands out from the crowd:

  • Distinctive format, renowned ambience, thought-provoking content, and unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Mission: to connect real change agents in the insurance industry who can form long-lasting partnerships
  • Over 80% C-level attendees which means you know you’ll be getting your story and products in front of the audience that matters most
  • Connected atmosphere full with chatty and interested guests from all over the world. Exquisite coffee, great food, meeting rooms booked full around the clock and lots to do and experience

”At our stand we were approached by insurance companies such as Munich Re, Swiss Re, Generali, AXA, Allianz, and many others. For our startup and me personally, ITC DIA Europe Munich was a milestone event that hopefully opens up the European insurance market for VIEWAPP.”

Alexander Fokin CEO Alexander Fokin

“I didn’t expect ITC DIA Europe to be so international. I’m only responsible for some parts of the region, but now I have to bring contacts to all of my colleagues. There are enthusiastic people from all over the world here.”

Julian Frank Client Director Central & Eastern Europe at AKUR8 Julian Frank

“What makes ITC DIA Europe so unique is the mix of the people because there’s such a good combination of both tech and C-suite, that makes it very valuable for us.”

Raymon uit de Bulten Director, Pregnancy+ for Business Lead at Philips Raymon uit de Bulten

”As soon as we came off stage, we were hit with 15 or so people straight away. Barely had time to leave the desk today. ”

Harry Moore Head of Sales at AGM Technologies Harry Moore

“From a startup perspective, it’s really easy to connect with any of the stakeholders that are present here and I love the inspirational talks – they’re very diverse.”

Genevieve Jubitana Head of Insurance at Avata Genevieve Jubitana

“My experience has been fantastic. The energy, how welcoming the team is, we’ve met great potential new partners.We’ve seen partners that we already have so I think there’s a lot of work to do when I get home.”

Carla Bedard Pfeiffer Global Health Impact Leader at Roche Carla Bedard Pfeiffer

“The event has great benefit because I get to meet so many decision makers for insurance companies and most decision makers who are oriented on innovation.”

Glenn Morgan Digital Asset Practice Leader, Senior Vice President, at Aon Glenn Morgan

Many people that we met during ITC DIA Europe events, many connections we established turned out to be a very high quality professional connections. So that’s one of the key values that we managed to achieve by attending and sponsoring the event.

Marijan Mumdziev Managing Director at Cambridge Mobile Telematics Marijan Mumdziev

ITC DIA Europe brought us in contact with the top-level decision-makers from all over the globe. If you’re selected for the event, you don’t have to be at any other event anymore. ITC DIA Europe is like the ‘G20’ of insurtech

Charles Bark Co-founder & CEO HiNounou Charles Bark

We want to focus our resources on just a few conferences. ITC DIA Europe is the conference to be at when you want to boost your international exposure and impact

Rick Hu Founder Vivametrica Rick Hu

We got investors from Europe, Asia and the USA. The video is already worth more than the investment in the Show & Tell package

Kittinan Anuphan Founder & CEO ClaimDi Kittinan Anuphan

“Probably the most diverse panel in terms of Asian speakers, European speakers and people from America. I thought the audience was definitely global.”

Rubina Rahman Consulting Manager – Technology Strategy & Advisory (TS&A) at Accenture Rubina Rahman

“The location gives you a great vibe. It’s a good combination of stages and booths and the opportunity to engage with both potential customers and business partners.”

Michael Zwiefler VP/Partner at Capgemini Michael Zwiefler

“We met great people from the industry. Both vendors that were printing tons of innovation that we partnered with and learnt about their latest trends, but we were also approached by many insurers interested in our solution.”

Tarik Dadi CEO & Founder, Qantev Tarik Dadi

“I think the total format is great. The 8-minute pitch keeps the audience wake, it triggers their imagination, it stimulates new ideas and new innovation.”

Jeroen Starrenburg Former COO & Founder, OneWelcome Jeroen Starrenburg

As an ITC DIA Europe Partner; what’s in it for me?

  • Access to our marketing platform: newsletter, website and social media
  • Distinctive and tasteful brand presence in all marketing expressions, before, during and after the event
  • Active support in lead generation.
  • Sufficient tickets for staff, to make sure you get most out of the event

Choose from all sorts of additional options:

  • Receive your prospects while obtaining optimal visibility in the cleverly styled ‘living room’
  • Host your own private Round Table at the event
  • All sorts of additional branding opportunities

Who will attend?

From Europe’s largest insurance markets

What’s next?

To discuss what an ITC DIA Europe partnership can offer you, contact us today to see what options you can choose from and how we can help you get the most business out of your partnership with ITC DIA Europe.

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