What is a Show & Tell at ITC DIA Europe?

Eight minutes of showtime 


  • Promote your company’s innovative solution in front of a Pan-European, global audience
  • Professional high-quality video and photos showcasing your company and solution after the event
  • Complementary Kiosk for the day you present
  • Endorsement by ITC DIA Europe (why we selected you), to generate new business, way beyond the event

Show & Tells at ITC DIA Europe

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Why you should take the stage

1. Future clients & fresh investors in the audience

  • Global exposure: 2,000+ Attendees – 50 Countries – 6 Continents
  • Real decision makers: 80% of insurance executives is C-level and C-1
  • 95%+ Paying attendees (hungry for conversations and doing business)
  • Major investors from across the globe, all in one place

2. Boost your brand

Boost your brand awareness and reputation by being associated with a leading premium event and fellow handpicked insurtech leaders

After the event you will receive a high-quality rendered video in 1080p that you can share with your community

3. Be recognised for your achievements

Besides being one of the 50 handpicked insurtechs, you will also be competing for the prestigious ITC DIAmond Award Previous winners such as DataRobot and Ladder are now renowned insurtechs

Why we want you to Show & Tell

Your company:

  • Offers clear innovation, mission critical benefits and concrete proof points
  • Is a challenger, an enabler and tech leader
  • Interesting to the global ITC DIA Europe audience

Your solutions:

  • Are exciting, provocative, innovative proven and disruptive
  • Enable insurers to accelerate digital transformation
  • Offer true business impact; on cost savings, customer engagement and revenue growth
  • Are applications with traction. Tried and tested in practice

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What do I need to invest?

Maximizing your company’s impact in a premium setting with global exposure, obviously involves serious investments. ITC DIA Europe therefore asks Show & Tell companies to share in the costs.

ITC DIA Europe offers a unique fee set-up, which ensures that you really benefit from concrete deliverables for each investment made.

Special rates are offered to startups and to keen companies that apply early. Furthermore, we ask our insurtechs to invest sufficient time in the event preparations to ensure a top stage performance and video.

That said, ITC DIA Europe is proud that literally every Insurtech/tech company confirms that going on stage at ITC DIA Europe and ITC DIA Europe Munich has brought them new business, such as new leads, clients and/or investors. Attending ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam 2024 will be well worth the investment: the kind that pays off as soon as you step foot into the spotlights.

How to apply for ITC DIA Europe Show & Tell

For each ITC DIA Europe event, we have over 300 applications, but only 50 spots to divide.
Since speaking slots run out fast, applying early is highly recommended.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the stage!

The Show & Tell selection process

  1. Apply for an ITC DIA Europe Show & Tell. You can apply without any commitment
  2. ITC DIA Europe selects 50 Show & Tell companies. Selection criteria include: 1. innovativeness, 2. strategic impact for the insurance industry, 3. proof of concept/insurance use cases and 4. international appeal. Obviously, we also look at whether the solution fits the showcase-format of the ITC DIA Europe stage
  3. Once we have selected you to be one of our Show & Tell companies at ITC DIA Europe, and the agreement is signed, we will set marketing and operational support in motion. (e.g. your editorial, inclusion of your logo on our website/newsletter, mentoring process to prepare your pitch etc.)


Other packages

  • Exhibition package; for companies that don’t present at ITC DIA Europe, but still want to have the advantage of exposure during the event and in the ITC DIA Europe newsletters, and for example would like to network and discuss/test their proposition in the market
  • Deep Dive package; for mature insurtechs that are able to provide a deep dive into a highly relevant insurance topic for the top-level ITC DIA Europe audience

If you have what it takes to participate at ITC DIA Europe, and want to apply or would like to have more information about the full Show & Tell package, send an email to [email protected]