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Redouan Att Chitt, better known as REDO, born with six physical disabilities, effectively started life 0-6 behind. But this didn’t stop him from impacting his life negatively.

”I never let my situation take control over my life. Instead, I took control over my situation.”

REDO found his passion in dance and is constantly touring across the world to perform at prestigious theaters, such as in the UK, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Hong Long and the USA. Despite his six disabilities, he won ”De Zwaan” the most prestigious award in the Netherlands for dance. REDO was also the opening act of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.


Speakers: Inside & Outside the industry trailblazers

Who will attend?

From Europe’s largest insurance markets

Twelve core themes of
ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam

Digital Transformation 2.0

  • How to create Digital Transformation at scale?
  • How can less global insurers compensate for their smaller scale and investment power?
  •  What technologies will be most important in ensuring competitive advantage?

Embedded Future

  • How is embedded insurance revolutionising the way insurers interact with customers – and how do they make money?
  • Embedded insurance as a new area of growth – what are the success factors?
  • How should insurers work with new distribution partners in wildly different industries?

Cyber Opportunity

  • A threat, opportunity or perhaps both?
  • Who will emerge as the insurance winners and losers as cyber threatens to become a more prominent risk to the global economy?
  • How do carriers become more relevant to risk management than ever?

Generative AI

  • What makes Generative AI different from regular AI and how can it be used in insurance?
  • How can corporations prepare themselves to take advantage of Generative AI?
  • What are examples of great applications of Generative AI in insurance?

AI & Data Innovation

  • In what innovative ways can insurance use data and AI to improve risk assessment, pricing, personalising and customising insurance products and services?
  • How can the insurance industry utilise data and AI more creatively and effectively to get the most out of big data?
  • What’s next? How can insurers identify new opportunities for growth?

Commercial Challenges

  • How will IoT and connectivity create new opportunities in commercial insurance?
  • How can insurers cooperate with insurtechs to better navigate the commercial insurance market?
  • How can insurers utilise data even better to get more out of it in this market?

Climate Change

  • What is the climate change protection gap and how can insurers tap into this growing gap full with opportunities?
  • How can insurers utilise insurtechs to promote sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact?
  • How can insurance products and services be transformed so they promote climate mitigation and adaptation?

Web3 Visions

  • Metaverse technology is a core feature of Web3, so how can insurance take advantage of this?
  • How will Web3 drive digital assets investment and what role can insurance play in this?
  • How do decentralised data networks, AI and blockchain shape the future of insurance?

Future Workforce / Diversity

  • The insurance workforce needs to evolve, to work effectively with all the new technology that is being introduced.
  • How can insurers transform their workforce and culture to be ready for the future?
  • What can insurers do to have their workforce better represent their changing customer base and become more diverse?

Sustainability / ESG

  • The yearning for a greener, more sustainable and responsible world opens up new opportunities for insurers.
  • How to best incorporate ESG into your business?
  • What are the potential opportunities and risks associated with ESG?

Ageing & Longevity

  • Ageing population has various detriments, but also brings opportunities to the forefront for insurers to profit from.
  • The 60+ generation has four key customer needs: indepenence, health, care and safety.
  • How can insurers find and utilise these new opportunities for longevity to thrive in the silver economy?


  • Health care will transform drastically thanks to developments in biomedical sciences, data, AI and technology.
  • What role can insurers play in a transforming health landscape – and what new opportunities will emerge?
  • How can insurers engage their customers and help them improve their health and wellbeing, become true health partners?
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A truly Pan-European, global audience

Tons of tech providers and insurers, showcasing their most successful use cases

Peers from over the entire world. Expect multinational, regional and domestic carriers; big, mid-size and niche players; in P&C, Life, Health, Commercial and specialists from across Europe and beyond.

Expect 2,000+ attendees from 50+ countries.

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Learn from real success stories and gain knowledge of tried and tested methods.
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''You probably cut out a week of travel by meeting together here at ITC DIA Europe''

Sten Saar CEO of Zego Sten Saar

“Here at ITC DIA Europe, they prioritize the real value of these type of events, which is conversation and I love the organization. They are so engaged and enthusiastic, and that’s what you experience when you are here as well.”

Genevieve Jubitana Head of Insurance at Avata Genevieve Jubitana

“ITC DIA Europe is a great event. It’s unique. It brings different ecosystem players together. We get to meet new partners, see old ones, and work in non-traditional ways, ways to solve problems.”

Carla Bedard Pfeiffer Global Health Impact Leader at Roche Carla Bedard Pfeiffer

''ITC DIA Europe is a great opportunity to meet different startups, see what’s going on in the industry and how it’s evolving.''

Victoria Yasinetskaya CMO Global Cards at Santander Victoria Yasinetskaya

"The networking opportunities are a huge advantage of the event, the networking tool is amazing."

Karolina Najdek VP, Strategic Digital Transformation and Innovation Europe at DataArt Karolina Najdek

We want to focus our resources on just a few conferences. ITC DIA Europe is the conference to be at when you want to boost your international exposure and impact

Rick Hu Founder Vivametrica Rick Hu

ITC DIA Europe is by far the most prestigious conference within the insurtech industry

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy CEO and Founder Tapoly UK Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

"DIA is one of the most cost- and time efficient ways of meeting many companies in one single location."

Kalai Natarajan General Manager, Digital Solutions and Marketing at Dai-ichi Life Asia Pacific Kalai Natarajan

''There’s a good mixture of insurtech and established companies, this whole mix and the atmosphere really makes this event very special.''

Michael Zwiefler VP/Partner at Capgemini Michael Zwiefler

"Probably the most diverse panel in terms of Asian speakers, European speakers and people from America. I thought the audience was definitely global."

Rubina Rahman Consulting Manager - Technology Strategy & Advisory (TS&A) at Accenture Rubina Rahman

"I felt like I was in a in a rock concert. I've never seen a production like this in my life. Everyone else should attend this event at least once in their life because it's exceptional."

Richard Smullen CEO & Founder Pypestream Richard Smullen

"The event is very international and the meeting zone is still on a scale where you really manage to talk to everybody, so you get a good overview of everything."

Katharina Jessel Member of the Board of Directors at BavariaDirekt Katharina Jessel

''It’s an opportunity to come together and have meaningful, intimate conversations and I haven’t seen many conferences provide that type of opportunity.''

Asher Hasan Founder & CEO of Naya Jeevan & doktHERS Asher Hasan

"Great overview of solutions that can be implemented immediately."

Simone Salvati Group Head of Customer Experience Innovation at Zurich Insurance Company Simone Salvati

"Every day there are more technologies out there. Coming to DIA and meeting all of them is absolutely awesome."

Merce Borrull Business Transformation Lead through Microsoft Partner Ecosystem Merce Borrull

"Fresh ideas. A lot of things in a short time of period."

Carlos Ordonez Sanchez Global Head of Digital @Insurance at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM Carlos Ordonez Sanchez

"80% of the companies that are presenting at ITC DIA Europe support carriers to become more digital. So, it’s very fruitful to exchange ideas and to get to know each other to drive the transformation of our industry."

Mark Klein Chief Digital Officer ERGO Group Mark Klein

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