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Insurance Innovation in the Age of Data

A joint initiative by ITC DIA Europe and the University of St.Gallen Institute of Insurance Economics to accelerate innovation.

Grow your business. Learn from the leaders

By combining ITC DIA Europe and the University of St. Gallen, Institute of Insurance Economic’s specific expertise, this online executive education course offers a unique combination of academic rigor, research and insights with the latest advanced insurtech practices from across the globe; strategic and actionable – and in engaging formats.

A business course that speaks at the right executive level. That only speaks about data in terms of how they add value; how you can grow your business. Where you can Learn from the Leaders.

Meet up in real life!

The third edition of the Executive Education Course includes a ticket to ITC DIA Europe Munich. Meet up with fellow course participants, talk to your professors and guest speakers at the event and experience the future of insurance right there in Europe’s insurtech capital.

About the course

The course focuses on the central role of Data in insurance innovation and will help senior insurance executives gain a new perspective on the impact of data on the future of insurance. The course consists of 9 modules, combining the latest in academic foundational thinking with practical examples from insurtech leaders, insurance executives and thought leaders.

“Insurance Innovation in the Age of Data” will provide participants with a new type of online experience, focused on brief speaker presentations with lots of interaction. The course includes a range of real use cases from compelling speakers and companies, providing participants with the opportunity to engage directly with the presenters.

What the course looks like

The course kicks off on the 27th of September 2023. Classes are online2 hours per week, conveniently scheduled at the end of the workday; 2 hours on Wednesdays and 0,5 – 1 hour of preparation. There will be ample time for interactive Q&A and discussion sessions to develop key takeaways that participants can directly apply to their companies.

Learn from the Leaders

Learn from academic thought leaders, experts in insurance and innovation; insurance executives at leading companies who drive digital transformation and innovation and insurtech leaders with hands-on experience.

Adrien Lebegue
Adrien Lebegue Managing Director, ZhongAn Tech
Alexander Braun
Alexander Braun Professor Insurance and Capital Markets & Director Institute of Insurance Economics
Leanne Kemp
Leanne Kemp Founder and CEO of Everledger
Andre Nepgen
Andre Nepgen Head of Global Vitality Network, Discovery
Roger Peverelli
Roger Peverelli Co-Founder, Digital Insurance Agenda
Simon Kaesler
Simon Kaesler McKinsey & Company
Josep Celaya
Josep Celaya Chief Customer Experience Officer and Deputy Managing Director, NN Group
Jonathan Larsen
Jonathan Larsen Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An Group
Felix Wenzel
Felix Wenzel Head of Data Engineering and Strategy, ERGO
Curtis Scott
Curtis Scott EVP, Future Mobility Growth Accelerator, Aon
Hiek van der Scheer
Hiek van der Scheer Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Aegon
Oliver Gassmann
Oliver Gassmann Professor of Technology Management, University of St. Gallen
Christian Hildebrand
Christian Hildebrand Professor of Marketing Analytics, University of St. Gallen
Marijan Mumdziev
Marijan Mumdziev Managing Director, Cambridge Mobile Telematics Europe

Course overview

The course consists of 9 modules, each featuring an academic lecture and a guest speaker lecture.

Module 1: Data is THE Game Changer of the Next Decade of Insurance

  • Understand the four trends that create The Perfect Storm for the next level of insurance innovation
  • Explore the principles of data-driven value creation and how to treat data as an asset
  • Learn from Ping An’s data-driven innovation initiatives



Module 2: Data Analytics for Insurance Executives

  • Learn all you need to know as a senior executive about advanced uses of data and models
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of AI: from evolution to application
  • Learn from ERGO’s approach to Data Analytics and their AI Factory

Module 3: Transforming the Insurance Value Chain

  • Optimise the portfolio and performance across the value chain
  • Learn how to combine artificial intelligence and human intelligence for optimal impact
  • Get inspired: how insurtech enablers accelerate value chain innovation

Module 4: Customer Excellence in the Age of Data

  • Meet the new customer: who are your future clients?
  • Reinvent customer engagement: new principles and the role of data
  • Understand the difference between customer centric innovation vs. data centric innovation

Module 5: Data-Driven Service Engineering in Insurance

  • Recognise convergence to perfect markets and the role of services as differentiator
  • Understand and apply contextual thinking, service engineering and service innovation
  • Learn from Vitality’s data-driven behaviour change program

Module 6: Business Model Innovation in the Age of Data

  • Learn how to create successful data driven business models from scratch
  • Understand Open Innovation principles and other new ways of working
  • Learn from ZhongAn’s new innovation initiatives and how to effectively apply the power of data

Module 7: The Role of Data in Digital Ecosystems

  • Interpret the reconfiguration of industries and blurring boundaries
  • Identify the different roles in the ecosystem and determine what it takes to become an orchestrator
  • Learn how to build effective digital and data partnerships

Module 8: Talent and Culture in the Future of Insurance

  • Identify essential skills for the Age of Data
  • Create an effective culture for innovation with data – learn from AEGON’s approach
  • Discuss how to win the war for data talent

Module 9: Thinking beyond Tomorrow. What’s next in the Age of Data?

  • Take a future look at long term disruptive scenarios for the insurance industry
  • Recognise possibilities from new data
  • Discuss projections for advanced technologies, such as blockchain



What our participants say:

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