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Adacta’s AdInsure: fast-track to data-driven insurance with a modern insurance platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 4, 2023

Most insurance companies still rely on legacy systems to serve large parts of their business. Systems that were developed several years ago, sometimes even decades, for business- and customer needs of that time – but no longer a good fit for today’s digital environment.

Adacta is a software provider focused on the insurance industry. Their award-winning platform AdInsure provides Life and Non-life insurers with capabilities essential for success in the digital era:  it helps them to improve operational agility, accelerate speed to market and digitise insurance processes. It also addresses regulatory compliance needs, supports innovation with new products or services, and improves CX.

How it works

AdInsure is a powerful insurance platform that helps insurers to streamline their business processes. Built-in knowledge, configurability, and advanced analytics help insurers tailor their processes and cut time-to-market. Features such as upgradability, data insights readiness, automation capabilities, advanced analytics, line of business standardisation, and partner’s self-sufficiency make AdInsure a comprehensive and versatile platform that can adapt to the evolving needs of the insurance industry. It enables insurers to simplify their IT landscape (without having to replace their existing IT system) and accelerate speed to market.      

As the insurance landscape grows increasingly complex with emerging players and solutions across the value chain, technology is essential for supporting these new digital partner systems. Adacta helps insurers with technology ready for ecosystem development, allowing for easy partner participation and flexibility. Their platforms empower insurers to build comprehensive ecosystems that cater to clients and existing and future partners. The solution addresses the needs of all participants: insurers can leverage a modern core to orchestrate (low-code tools, design, and distribution of modern product modes such as embedded insurance) channels; partners can benefit from AI-based features such as recommender systems; clients can access and purchase services and marketplace products; and partners can easily provide their insurance and non-insurance-related products and services.                                                     

Why we selected Adacta for ITC DIA Europe

In a quickly changing insurance landscape, Adacta helps insurers with software solutions to streamline and future-proof their business.

At ITC DIA Europe they showcased two integrated solutions: their core platform, AdInsure, which enables insurers to orchestrate insurance product-related processes within their partner ecosystems (inside-out ecosystem capabilities) and secondly, their new Ecosystems and Insurance Marketplace platform, designed to help insurers create ecosystems that unite insurers, distribution-, service partners, and clients (inside-out innovation capabilities).

About Adacta

Adacta is an insurance software provider, founded in 1998. Adacta’s award-winning insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. The company works with leading insurance and software companies across Europe and is regularly featured in industry reports. Adacta’s 350+ dedicated experts combine many years of insurance- and technical experience. Their international teams are based in 5 different offices across Europe.

“We’ve spent decades helping insurance organisations to grow their digital capabilities and generate new revenue streams. Our mission is simple: empower tomorrow’s industry leaders to reach their potential through technology.”

Boris Bajić, CEO, Adacta
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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