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Adacta’s AdInsure: fast-track to data-driven insurance with a modern insurance platform

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 3, 2022

Insurers have always possessed an enviable wealth of data. Their business is built on data that is necessary for risk assessment. Recent technological advances provide new ways to not only increase the amount of data collection but to also make that data actionable for economic benefit. Yet data comes from different sources, like car data platforms, and insurers struggle to integrate this third-party data across the value chain: from product definition to underwriting to claims.

This is where Adacta comes in with AdInsure, allowing for easy integration with external sources of data and its rule-based workflow engine allows for steering processes with external data. Adacta is an insurance software provider that provides Life and P&C insurers with data capabilities that are essential for success in a digital era. Their solutions address key challenges that insurers face: to improve operational agility, to increase the speed to market, to automate and digitize insurance processes, to address regulatory and compliance needs, to innovate with new products or services or to improve customer experience.

Adacta AdInsure makes it easy is to integrate external data, enabling insurers to implement a Tesla-like insurance model.

How does it work?

AdInsure is an open system, making the integration with adjacent systems of innovation such as Insurtech, and different data sources, really easy. Secondly, AdInsure is a flexible system, making it easy to configure new innovative product lines and related core processes.

Adacta works with several insurers and has been awarded by Celent and part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for non-life insurance platforms.

Why did we select Adacta to present at DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Data is key and relevant in any industry, and definitely in insurance. Modern insurance platforms help insurers to leverage and embed data across the whole insurance value chain. Not only for the insurer to go after the best risk, but also for the customer whose experience can become a lot easier when data has been prefilled or is not asked because it is already known.

In their presentation at DIA Amsterdam, Alexander Solomonov, VP for business development, and Boryana Pilyarska, Head of Delivery, will focus on data-based innovation in insurance – from product design to underwriting and claims. They will talk about car insurance and how to implement ‘Tesla-like insurance models’.

With a demo of AdInsure they will show how any insurer can use data to drive innovation and how simple it is to embed IoT, insurtech solutions, and external data platforms across the value chain – from product definition and underwriting to claims. While this is applicable to any insurance product, the demonstration will focus on insurance telematics and specifically on data in product design and distribution.

Who is Adacta?

Adacta is a leading insurance software provider that was formed in 1998. Its award-winning insurance platform, AdInsure, gives Life and P&C insurers a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. The company works with leading insurance and software companies across Europe and is regularly featured in industry reports.

Formed in 1989, we’ve spent decades helping insurance organisations to grow their digital capabilities and drive new profits. Our mission is simple: empower tomorrow’s industry leaders to reach their potential through technology.”

Explore their website to learn more about Adacta!

Watch their presentation at DIA Amsterdam 2022 here.

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