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Adacta’s AdInsure: Underwriting Workbench that drives digital transformation in commercial insurance

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on May 14, 2024

Traditional manual and paper-based underwriting methods are time-consuming and inefficient, and particularly problematic for managing intricate partner and client relations, risk assessments, and global coverage requirements of international companies.

Adacta’s AdInsure Underwriting Workbench addresses the complexities of Commercial underwriting that many insurers face. AdInsure targets these issues by providing a digital solution that enhances service quality, clarity, and transparency while boosting productivity within commercial insurance underwriting.

It streamlines the underwriting process by centralising operations, automating complex processes, and integrating advanced data analytics, boosting accuracy and efficiency. This modern approach to underwriting, powered by advanced technologies, not only simplifies the process’ complexities but also fosters greater accuracy in risk selection, transparency, and customer satisfaction, positioning insurers for success in a rapidly evolving industry. It’s a valuable tool for mid-large sized insurers looking to modernise and streamline their underwriting processes.

How it works

AdInsure Underwriting Workbench provides comprehensive features for the underwriting of complex commercial coverages:

  • Underwriter Dashboard
  • Case and Opportunity management
  • Risk management
  • Clause management
  • Low code tools for UW process and rules
  • Rating engine
  • Customer and Partner management
  • Capacity management- Coinsurance, Reinsurance
  • Integrated BI

The workbench is a unified hub for underwriters, consolidating risk and data, activities, and documentation. It streamlines the management of new business, renewals, and endorsements in one centralised location. It guides involved underwriters through the process seamlessly to ensure compliance with all internal underwriting guidelines and that accurate risk assessment is performed while creating a comprehensive insurance policy.

Why we chose Adacta for ITC DIA Europe Amsterdam

AdInsure provides insurers with capabilities for success in the digital era: it helps them to improve operational agility, accelerate speed to market and digitise insurance processes. It also addresses regulatory compliance needs, supports innovation with new products or services, and improves CX.

Who is Adacta?

Insurance software provider Adacta has offices and clients across Europe. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Adacta has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Its insurance platform – AdInsure – provides insurance organizations with a future-proof way to streamline their operations and processes. AdInsure platform and solutions come with client praise and leading research and advisory firms’ acknowledgement and have been featured in multiple Gartner, Celent, ISG, and Everest Group reports.

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