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Adding a C to the P’s of Automation

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jun 17, 2021

As a leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software industry, UiPath is a driving force behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution with its end-to-end platform for automation that enables organizations across all industries to scale digital business operations at unprecedented pace. In a series of editorials, UiPath will share their vision on Automation in Insurance, sharing use cases, lessons learnt, governance, top tips and much more. From the first two articles, Without Purpose, Automation For Insurance Is Just Another Strategic Initiative and To Automate Or Not Automate Isn’t the Question Anymore we know that, as in marketing, for any automation program in insurance it is important to get the P’s – purpose, people and process – right. So, let’s add a C to it. C as in C-suite support.

Automation has become a priority for C-suite leaders, but mostly they are talking about business workflow automation—spanning across many departments and functions, often in the back office.

In this article we want to reframe the conversation to speak more holistically about automation and how it can drive digital transformation. Just focusing on the back office is neglecting the potential of automation at the level of the individual. Personal automation means adopting in ‘a robot for every person‘,  it means helping employees get work done by augmenting them with a robot that takes on the repetitive tasks in their daily work.

Business workflow automation
The modern enterprise is increasingly a series of digital workflows. At their core, those workflows are often data moving between applications. There are typically thousands of these recurring processes happening all the time within an organization. Since these processes change less frequently, it makes sense that these types of workflows are typically the first ones a company goes after because the benefits of programmatically automating them are so clear.

Many of the business workflow automations are selected by a center of excellence (CoE) in a top-down manner. They occur frequently, and automating them has a significant impact. But they are the short tail of automation ideas. While grabbing these low-hanging fruit seems to be ideal, these automations fail to recognize a business reality: the systems are disconnected and the traditional approach to integrating them through classic development projects is just too cost prohibitive for most of the workflows.

So, people step in to fill the gap and create plenty of (extra) work at the personal level, and that’s where we go next for massive scale in the automation program.

Personal automation
There is a wide swath of automations that are more personal, and individually smaller in scope–such as a financial analyst doing research on a specific company, generating daily reports with data from multiple systems. But when you add them up, these personal automations collectively make up a much larger volume of work that happens on a daily basis. This is the long tail of automation opportunities.

As you can see in the use case below, an insurance claims process involves 10 steps, and it’s 100% driven by a person. But when you apply automation to the process it reduces the whole process to five steps, with the robot picking up three of them. And you can increase the capacity with the same amount of people. This frees people to process more work and handle the more complex and people-centric type of tasks with greater care. In addition, the workflow becomes less prone to errors and way more resilient in the face of changing business conditions – greatly reducing risk in the business.

Use Case: Insurance Claims Processing

If you enjoyed reading the article and you want to hear more about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is supporting the people-side of insurance, then our free webinar ‘Robots make Insurance more Human’ is for you.

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