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Additiv: robo advisor technology applied across channels

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 7, 2016

Today’s customers are looking for individualised solutions to protect their assets rather than products. Nor do they usually understand more complex insurance products. Additive’s intelligent insurance robo advisor based solutions generate tailored offerings which perfectly fits today’s customers’ needs; bundling product components derived from customer’s profile, preferences and needs.

Customization at the touch point
Today’s customers are asking to be served in a consistent way – across any channel, any time –  and expect a great customer experience. Additive’s quest is to build solutions for self-directed customers but at the same time enable the sales force to offer a better service to their customers. Together with insurance carriers, Additive designs client friendly yet disruptive processes, pricing models based on customer (risk) behaviour, and leading edge client interaction and intuitive user interfaces (of course using innovative digital technology). Customers get real-time individualised offerings in just a few steps right at the touch point. This gives insurance companies a clear differentiation on the market and creates a huge potential to boost their business at multiple touch points.

Why we selected Additiv for DIA Barcelona
In the past few years we have seen a range of game-changing and disruptive solutions from Additiv; implemented mainly at banks; digital innovations and business models – tailor-made and turnkey – improving the customer experience, increasing sales. Additiv’s solutions are easy to integrate and deploy in any IT infrastructure – be it on premise or in the cloud – resulting in a short time-to-market. The company is now taking a serious step to expand its footprint in the insurance market. We are very curious to see which new ideas and solutions they are going to present and implement in the future. That is why we selected Additiv to show and tell their solution at DIA Barcelona.

Who is Additiv
Additiv is founded by Michael Stemmle in 1998 and now employs an interdisciplinary team of 100+ financial professionals, marketing and design specialists, data mining experts and software developers. Additiv has been working for banks, asset managers, credit institutions and insurance companies for over 15 years throughout Europe and Asia. 

Michael Stemmle Founder and CEO
Michael Stemmle,
Founder and CEO

Markus Kleiner Head Business Development and Alliance Management
Markus Kleiner,
Head Business Development and Alliance Management

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Michael Stemmle, Founder & CEO Markus Kleiner, Head Business Development & Alliance Mgt.

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Markus Kleiner, Head Business Development & Alliance Mgt., +41444056070, [email protected]

Press/Media: Michael Stemmle, Founder & CEO, +41444056070, [email protected]


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