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AdviceRobo: White label robo-advisors that prevent financial risk

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Feb 25, 2016

AdviceRobo develops white label robo-advice solutions for financial institutions across the United Kingdom and Europe that reduce their and their customers’ financial stress and boost their ROI. AdviceRobo eats risks for breakfast by applying artificial intelligence on financial risk prevention. From credit risk prediction to retirement gap prevention Initially, AdviceRobo was targeted at the consumer banking market to predict credit risk. 33% of the Western population are currently living in daily financial stress. Over the past number of years, to make ends meet, they made extensive use of overdraft facilities and applied for loans and credit cards and they still do. AdviceRobo’s machine learning technologies focussed on predicting where these risks in customer bases are. Based on contextual information of over 1,000 behavioural data points, AdviceRobo currently shows the highest accuracy in European risk predictions, is real-time and is being offered as a low cost service. What the platform does in credit risk predictions, it also offers on loyalty risks like outflow or prepayment of loans and insurances. So, for insurers AdviceRobo’s technology can be beneficial for real-time risk predictions on churn, default and risk in relation to pricing. Insurers are also able to apply the technology to assess risk of portfolios they consider selling or buying. But most interesting for insurers might very well be the use of virtual assistants to support their customers in preventing financial stress after retirement, since 75% of Western population is facing such a serious financial gap when they retire.

Why we selected AdviceRobo for DIA Barcelona
AdviceRobo assists insurers in several ways. On the one hand to reduce risk and prevent loss; on the other hand to improve customer engagement and add new value to customers. AdviceRobo applies state-of-the art artificial intelligence, big behavioural data approaches as well as gamification to prevent financial risks. AdviceRobo’s white label robo-advice solutions can predict portfolio risks supporting insurers to campaign proactively. But AdviceRobo also offers white label virtual assistants to activate consumers to act to avoid financial stress after retirement.

Who is AdviceRobo
AdviceRobo is all about award winning risk predictions by one of the most senior FinTech teams in Europe. AdviceRobo’s team includes PhD’s in artificial intelligence, computer science, mathemetics, behavioural psychology and customer engagement. AdviceRobos founders Diederick van Thiel and Rosali Steenkamer are award winners in robo-advice solutions for seven years now and non-execs for digital transformation with several European banks. Both have had senior management positions within ING, KPN Mobile, Vodafone, BinckBank and American Express before they started as entrepreneurs. AdviceRobo is nominated for the European FinTech 50 and The London City FinTech 50.

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Presenting at DIA Barcelona Diederick van Thiel, CEO

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Rosali Steenkamer, CCO, +31 652 636 131, [email protected]

Press/Media: Diederick van Thiel, CEO, [email protected]


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