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AGM Technologies: The IC7, perfecting crash detection

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 31, 2023

Most businesses in the Telematic Industry do not offer crash recognition capable of detecting minor impacts. That’s because they use a high g-force threshold to detect events and minimise false positive generation. As a result, around 90% of incidents are missed, as less than 7% of collisions on the road generate a high (>4g) G-force. AGM Technologies’ solution, The IC7 device, can recognize these minor impacts such as collisions with cyclists and pedestrians whilst also filtering out most false positives. AGM Technologies offer windscreen-mounted devices with easy self-installation, that delivers data for the global fleet and insurance market using on-device machine learning and cloud-based crash modelling.

The IC7 Device

Currently, 30 companies across 15 countries are testing The IC7 devices with AGM Technologies’ crash detection. They are testing the IC7 devices alongside the industry’s leading telematics units, immediately comparing the IC7’s capabilities and accuracy to the others.

AGMT’s IC6 device has been established in the UK insurance market since 2020, with over 150,000 devices sold. Moving forward, this device will also feature the latest crash detection capabilities.

How it works

The IC7’s crash detection hardware/software enables devices to accurately detect low-speed incidents as well as large collisions. Through edge computing and machine learning, the devices can filter out most false positives whilst still ensuring ‘real’ crashes are recorded.

Share of Type of Collisions

The IC7 is a stand-alone, data-capturing solution with an inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer and GPS. An internal backup battery supports solar harvesting cells which results in a 3–5-year device life. Data can be directed to the your own systems and dashboard with API documentation and SDK or alternatively AGM Technologies provide a white-labelled platform (app and dashboard), for a full end-to-end service.

Why did we choose AGM Technologies for ITC DIA Europe 2023?

Most telematics devices available today only use accelerometer data to determine collision events. IC7’s three-step validation process utilises AGMT’s false positive filtration machine learning software, enabling them to detect even minor collisions, while filtering out false positives.

AGM Technologies is also committed to playing an active role in promoting solutions that do not have a harmful effect on the environment. AGMT have established an environmental process where they provide a service for any expired devices to be refurbished and reused or recycled. The components in their existing solutions are 99% reusable.

At ITC DIA Europe 2023, George Michael, CEO, and Harry Moore, Head of Sales, will be showcasing the IC7 and their enhanced collision detection. In addition to the innovative hardware, they will talk about how false positive elimination (on-device machine learning) and filtration (cloud-based crash modelling) enhance AGMT’s software capabilities.

Who is AGM Technologies?

The company was founded by Kerry Michael and Wayne Gilbert in 2020. AGMT is based in Bristol, UK, and has ongoing trials with companies in Africa, Europe and North America. AGM Technologies has been developing its core products for the last 3 years and entered 2023 ready to start its expansion phase.

“We aim to improve road safety across the world by providing innovative, easy-to-install devices suitable for every vehicle.”

George Michael, CEO at AGM Technologies
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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