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Kasko2go: AI-based risk assessment for car insurance. Now the whole story

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 30, 2021

After their own experience with regular telematics UBI products for car insurance, kasko2go have found from their own data that driving behavior data only tells half the story. Today, they focus on environmental factors that have been shown to correlate with accident rates and are therefore able to determine an accurate accident likelihood factor. As the solution relates to road sections, it will also be possible to use this data for accident prevention. Normal Sigma’s smart core engine is able to provide proactive solutions to significantly reduce the risk of an accident. kasko2go now uses the most advanced data science methods to link accident data with contextual environment data and thus provide an accurate risk analysis for road traffic. 

Using the cloud-based platform Norma Sigma, individual policies as well as entire portfolios can be evaluated in the underwriting process. With more and more data and faster information flows, it is indispensable for insurance companies to have access to such state-of-the-art solutions in order to positively influence their company results, such as loss ratio or combined ratio. With only one additional risk-factor, future risk assessments become much more accurate and insurers save time and money. 

Although many companies are working on disrupting the insurance world with telematic solutions or other approaches, there are still a few companies that rely equally on environmental factors and big data to calculate risks. The big difference is that this method provides a far more objective view of risk. Various studies show that location and time in particular are important factors for accidents. 

How it works 

The core engine obtains individual data for each region on weather, traffic conditions, accident history and up to 30 other parameters. Combined with the individual data of the mobile users, the risk analysis is generated and the exact probability of being involved in an accident is reflected.  

The product provides for 3 solution variants, each of which relates to the Normal Sigma Core Engine. Depending on the information of a driver, risk analyses are thus carried out. The Normal Sigma Solution can be overlaid on various approaches, for example in combination with a regular UBI telematics solution based on driving behavior. 

  • Normal Sigma Base: Based on the residential address and a radius 
  • Normal Sigma Light: based on the regularly driven routes to work 
  • Normal Sigma Pro: Using GPS data, preferably based on the Normal Sigma app, which can be seamlessly integrated into an existing app or would be available as a white label solution. 

A frontend is available to the end user (policyholder) via the app. Insurance companies access the backend, the cloud-based platform or the report. 

Why we selected kasko2go for DIA Amsterdam 2022 

The parameters of the solution and how they are being used, makes this solution tap into the current trends of Advanced Data Science & AI. We are happy to give the stage to kasko2go this year, as they have been at DIA Prime Time last year. Curious about their presentation then? Check out their video here

Who is kasko2go? 

Kasko2go is founded in 2017 and has their headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. The company is acting globally and has entity in Germany, Israel, UK and Russia. Their Data Science Team is based in Israel. Recently, they have announced that Tal Yampolsky, former Chief Operating Officer of Bank Hapoalim Switzerland, will become kasko2go’s new CEO. 

Watch their presentation at DIA Amsterdam 2022 here.

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