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Aktivo: an evidence-based approach to a healthy, long life

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 27, 2019

At Aktivo they believe that a healthy population lays the foundations for happy, productive and connected societies. To reach this goal, the Singapore-based startup harnesses science to empower the population to live long and healthy lives and thereby reduce the growing burden of non-communicable chronic disease. They created Aktivolabs to take on the challenge of improving population health. At Aktivolabs, they are building digital behavioral modification tools using best practices and scientific methods to improve the health of people across cultures and countries.

Their flagship health app, Aktivo, is powered by a proprietary algorithm generating the Aktivo Score, which is a digital biomarker for health and longevity. The Aktivo app empowers users to take control of their daily lifestyle choices. A proprietary algorithm, it is derived from scientific evidence that weighs the physical activities over a 24-hour period and provides information on what an ideal healthy physical lifestyle is, to improve health and longevity. The Score improves individuals’ lives by engaging them with their health, insurance companies by helping them manage their risk better, companies by encouraging a healthier workforce and society by democratizing digital health.

Aktivo is currently active in Egypt, Thailand, India, SG, UAE.

Innovative solutions to three categories:

  • For the user: Aktivo helps busy working individuals make the right lifestyle choices within the rush of their professional and personal routines. To get the right guidance on leading a long and healthy life, they just need their smartphones to get started and try and reach their optimal Aktivo Scores. The Score is a useful indicator of how they are doing with regards to 4 most important health-based pillars of lifestyle and they can also team up with their family and friends for custom challenges to keep each other on the Aktivo track as they improve their Aktivo Score
  • For corporations: Aktivo gives corporations a low touch, high impact platform that gives their employees the information to make the right choices for healthy lifestyles and long-term health
  • For insurers: Aktivo helps life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued service for meaningful interaction with customers. Using historical and customer-behavioural data, the Aktivo Analytics Engine provides deep insights into Customer Lifetime Values and Population Health Models

How it works


  • Aktivo does not require a wearable in order to work, unlike other players in this sector. For the user, Aktivo breaks the cycle of generic notifications without actionable insights, and generating data points, but failing to provide meaning to the end user
  • For life and health insurers, Aktivo provides a new and compelling product design, the options of accelerated and dynamic underwriting, and machine-based analytical insights to strengthen their portfolio. It also gives them the ability to attract a younger population, unlock high risk segments and design exclusive group products.

Why we selected Aktivo was for DIA Amsterdam
Aktivo taps into the insurtech trend of digital risk reduction. It ensures technology is correctly leveraged to manage the burden of chronic disease, enabling the move from reactive to proactive healthcare unlocks innovative and profitable business models. They empower insurers to price their risk better while offering a truly meaningful service to their policyholders.

At DIA Amsterdam Gourab Mukherjee, co-founder & CEO of Aktivolabs will present Aktivo’s entire platform, inclusive of a demo of the app and its backend. He will showcase the power of machine learning and application to boost user engagement and help insurers unlock and acquire, reward and retain new user segments.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Aktivo?  
Founded in 2017 by Gourab Mukherjee (Co- Founder and CEO), David Lai (Co- Founder), and Dr Meng-Han Kuok (Co- Founder and Director). The company has four key strategic partners, a leading global insurance brokerage, the 2nd largest health insurer in India with whom there is a product partnership, one of the leading insurers and their chief distributor Bank in India, and a leading local bank and an Insurer in the UAE.

Aktivo is currently present in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt and the UAE. It is at the phase where commercial roll-outs are about to begin having crossed the Pre-A stage with funding of USD 2 M raised in funding so far.

Professor David Lai, CSO -David is qualified as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Australia, is currently a teaching faculty at National University of Singapore and is a clinician with research credentials in both basic and clinical sciences. David has a keen interest in medical devices and biotechnologies.

Dr. Meng-Han Kuok, Dr. Kuok is a biotechnology entrepreneur and executive, with expertise in technology commercialisation, seed financing, and venture capital for the biotech field. Among his many achievements, he has worked on biosensors for rapid anthrax detection for his PhD at Cambridge University, which was subsequently developed and commercialised in Singapore after winning Singapore Government Innovation grants. At Aktivo, he serves as the co-founder and Director.

Gourab Mukherjee, Gourab’s passion lies in scaling and commercialising high-impact technology that touches lives. With that passion and his belief in smart and motivated people applying themselves to solve important problems, he co-founded Aktivo. He also brings with him a proven track record of building business lines globally in digital health and commercialising data-science innovation.

“My passion lies in scaling and commercialising high-impact technology that touches lives.” Gourab Mukherjee, co-founder, Aktivolabs

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