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Aktivolabs: Building digital health solutions to improve people’s health across cultures and countries

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 19, 2023

Studies show that the importance of engagement in preventing diseases and improving health and wellbeing is clear for the majority of people across different geographies. Although there is collective agreement across diverse demographic groups, there are also differences between countries and cultures. How can insurers best use technology to drive engagement with their customers and help them improve their health?

Aktivolabs offers digital health solutions using scientific evidence-based methods to improve people’s health. They help Life and Health insurers to engage and acquire customers, price and manage risk at scale, and support and guide their customers on their journey to long-term health.

Aktivolabs’ digital health platform Aktivo collects, harmonises, and analyses real-time data captured from IoT devices and smartphones on an ongoing basis, for contextualised and hyper-personalised digital fulfilment.

Its real-time and actuarial measures of digital health risk are scalable and affordable, enabling insurers and reinsurers to generate novel product categories, redefine customer interaction and move towards more personalised pricing and real-time delivery.

How it works

Aktivolabs’ Aktivo platform is a real-time digital health data platform that helps people understand the risks of various chronic conditions and what they can do to prevent them or improve their health situation. Aktivolabs collaborates with Life and Health insurers globally, helping them to engage and create proximity with their policyholders. They also help them understand the moving risks on their books and identify product or service innovation opportunities.

The Aktivo platform uses customer-generated data, across mind, body, and nutrition. Based on this data and a range of other factors, such as someone’s age and sex at birth, the platform calculates for each individual their Aktivo Score, a digital biomarker for health and longevity. The Aktivo platform can then indicate to each individual what their personal health risk looks like and give guidance on different lifestyle choices to improve their overall health and wellbeing, lowering their risk.

Deeply rooted in science, the Aktivo platform is highly scalable and device-agnostic, thereby solving the challenge of bringing large populations using different devices and mobile OS onto a single platform.

Why did we select Aktivolabs for ITC DIA Europe?

Finding meaningful ways to engage people and help them improve their health is a challenge many insurers face around the globe. Aktivolabs’s digital-health solution offers contextualised digital fulfilment, enabling the life and health insurance ecosystem to connect and engage with customers and help them improve their health and wellbeing.

By incorporating best practices from nudge theory and gamification frameworks, Aktivolabs is transforming how populations are consistently engaged in a conversation around health and longevity to make positive behavioural changes in a fun and meaningful way.

At ITC DIA Europe 2023, Gourab Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Aktivolabs, presented the Aktivo platform, which captures real-time data from people in a seamless, and affordable manner. Gourab also showed how insurers can use that data for risk evaluation and proactive risk management.

Who is Aktivolabs?

Founded in 2017 and run by a team of clinicians, data scientists, and digital health experts, Aktivolabs helps Life and Health insurers to engage and acquire high-value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide tools for meaningful interaction with customers.

Headquartered in Singapore, Aktivolabs now services some of the world’s largest and forward-looking financial institutions and Fortune 1000 corporations.

Currently deployed across 12 countries, the Aktivo platform serves 350,000+ end-users across APAC with key markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan.

Gourab Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CEO of Aktivolabs
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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