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Amodo: Connecting Insurers with the new generation of Customers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 1, 2016

Amodo connects insurance companies with the new generation of customers. With Amodo’s connected customer suite, insurers leverage on digital channels and connected devices such as smartphones, connected cars and wearables to acquire and engage new customers. Amodo collects data from smartphones and a number of different connected consumer devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk exposure and customer product needs. Following the analysis, risk prevention programs, individual pricing as well as personalized and “on the spot” insurance products can be placed on the market, increasing the customer’s loyalty and customer lifetime.

Advanced Driving Behavior Analytics
Amodo driving analytics technology processes the data acquired from the connected vehicle and generates advanced driving behavior and driving pattern reports. Analysis of the driving data is used in conjunction with the available road data, driving conditions data and weather data. The data is collected and analyzed with the ultimate goal to gain a full understanding of the driver`s capability to adjust his driving behavior to driving conditions.

Health and Lifestyle Suite
The Amodo Health and Lifestyle Suite enables Insurers to deploy mass market digital health insurance products, due to the soft and non-intrusive data acquisition methods employed. With our solution, insurers are able to launch proactive, context aware and automatic offerings in the form of “on the spot” insurance products, which are selected based on the customer’s holistic lifestyle profile.

Customer Engagement and Coaching
Amodo customer engagement drives interaction between the customer and the insurance through a gamified approach. Fully customizable engagement campaigns can be created, stimulating and rewarding desired behaviour. Campaigns can address all customer, or only group of customers who demonstrate a particular lifestyle or driving style. Customers are informed about their progress and are able to monitor all parameters of their driving and lifestyle patterns that need to be improved to make them more efficient in traffic, or stay safe and healthy.

Why we selected Amodo for DIA Barcelona?
Amodo’s technology enables Insurance companies to acquire new customers through deployment of innovative and personalized insurance products that were not previously possible. It helps insurance companies to differentiate, and engage with their customers by making them proactive in their approach and enabling them to offer tangible benefits relevant to their customers’ needs.

Who is Amodo?
Amodo was founded in 2013. as a spin-off from one of the most innovative digital marketing companies in Croatia with over fifteen years track record in the field, working for brands such as Nike, Molson Coors, UniCredit Bank and Volvo Car Corporation. Amodo leverages on this expertise in building long lasting relationships between brands and consumers. This knowledge is implemented into Amodo technology and used today to help Insurance companies build new types of products and relationships with their customers. Amodo’s clients are leading insurance companies globally, and some of the strongest European telecom operators. “Amodo technology is used in some of the fastest growing and most successful UBI programs on the market today. If you want to grow profitable and scalable connected insurance products for mass markets, you start with Amodo.”

Gorjan AgaÄević, CTO and Co-Founder                               

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Marijan Mumdžiev, Managing Partner Gorjan AgaÄević, Managing Director

Contact info Business Development/Sales: Marijan Mumdziev, Managing Partner, [email protected]

Press/Media: Ivana Mrazović, Marketing Manager, [email protected]


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