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Amodo: Offering a connected insurance platform based on individual risk exposure and behaviour

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 25, 2023

Insurance customers are still mostly priced based on the risk performance of broad customer segments, regardless of actual individual behaviour. What if customers can be priced based on their individual risk exposure and behaviour? With behavioural insights, policy prices can be made more personal and thus affordable. Also, customer experience and convenience can be optimized with behavioural insights.

Amodo helps insurers and brokers to better address and fulfill customer needs by launching Usage Based Insurance Products, based on customer behavioral data. Amodo has created a modular, configurable and robust telematics technology platform, used by many leading insurance companies around the globe. Their Connected Insurance Platform enables insurers to place hyper-personalized UBI products on the market. Their clients can use its Connected Insurance Platform to gain strategic insights into customers’ profiles, segment them into relevant groups and acquire the profitable ones.

Amodo has already launched close to 50 Connected Insurance projects on six continents. The latest innovation in its product offering is a CO2 emission calculation module based on Smartphone sensor measurement. Based on this data, Amodo can provide individual training programs for drivers without requiring additional investments in infrastructure. This approach guides drivers toward desired behavioural changes – helping them become responsible and eco-friendly drivers.

How it works

Amodo naturally caters to the telematics segment of the industry, but driving behaviour scoring and motor-related insurance products are just a part of their offering. Amodo can cater to every insurer because, with the data and behaviour insights package, they can paint pictures of individual users, user segments, habits, behaviour and intent, enabling insurers to develop and launch Usage Based Insurance products in any area.

Within Amodo’s Connected Insurance Platform insurers can analyze data, create engagement and communication strategies to develop and market their products. The platform also offers gamification, various sales features and automated engagement.

Ensuring data privacy is very important: Amodo is fully GDPR compliant and has four ISO certifications.

Why we chose Amodo for DIA Munich 2022

Amodo offers an end-to-end solution, capturing everything from user behaviour up to policy issuing and claim reporting. They help insurers reduce their time to market: getting them up and running in 6 weeks with no need to invest into complex and lengthy integration projects. They’ve got a proven track record with more than 1.5 billion kilometres of users on the move recorded and close to 50 connected insurance projects in various markets on six continents in 30 different countries. Finally, Amodo won a DIA Diamond Award in 2020.

Who is Amodo?

Amodo was founded in 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia, and provides technology and advisory to companies in applying insurance telematics. The majority of Amodo’s references comes from the Telematics segment and include some of the leading insurance companies, telecom companies, and automotive companies from around the world.

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