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Anivo: Bancassurance as a service, a new approach that works

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Aug 30, 2018

Best Swiss online insurance broker in 2018. Anivo is a full-service provider who combines an innovative insurance platform technology with high quality brokerage advisory.
The ‘Anivo Core’ platform provides the technology, to develop, distribute and operate insurance products of all lines of business (P&C, Life, Health) for multi-tenancy distribution. Insurance products can be developed within 6-8 weeks and distributed via multiple tenants through individual frontends. Quotes, policies and terms & conditions are fully handled via the platform. Collections, disbursements and commissioning are additional modules of the ‘Anivo Core’ platform, next to sophisticated reporting and user tracking capabilities.

The insurance distribution and the policy administration are done by the Anivo brokerage service center via email, phone, chat and video chat. These technologies are part of the “Anivo Core” platform as well as CRM-functionality for the Anivo brokerage and services experts.

The successful Swiss startup has agreements with insurers like Baloise, Generali, Smile Direct and health insurer like Sanitas, CSS, Helsana, Atupri, Swica and Sanitas. Currently more than 42.000 employees/members of partners like SBB/CFF, UPC or the CFA Switzerland association benefit from Anivo services. The Anivo brokerage center for customer service is located in Zurich/Switzerland. The Anivo IT department which is developing and maintaining Anivos’ technology is located in Vorarlberg/Austria.

Anivo is currently active with 2 business models for affinity groups:

  • Employee benefits:
    Anivo provides an insurance platform and brokerage services for employees of large cooperation’s and associations where employees can benefit from discounted and/or specially designed insurance products. Currently they address 120.000 employees with this service.
  • Bancassurance:
    Early 2018 Anivo formed a joint venture with one of the leading cantonal banks in Switzerland to develop new insurance products which fit the need of homeowners where the bank is the lead-provider and the insurance advisory is done via videochat by Anivo. This has been developed as a “plug & play” service not only available for the joint venture partner but also to other banks.

Bancassurance as a service
Including insurance products does come with quite some obstacles. Fortunately, Anivo has developed an innovative online-solution: a white-label-insurance platform for annex products.
Anivo’s bankassurance solution is a highly flexible and highly scalable digital insurance platform with an integrated B2C advisory process using video-call technology, giving the possibility to design, implement and roll out existing and new insurance services within 3-4 months.


  • Bank advisors do not need any insurance know-how. Instead, they consult an Anivo insurance consultant live via video-call.
  • Insurance and bank advisory process are fully integrated by using video-call functionality which is compliant with high data protection guidelines of banks
  • Products are designed from scratch within 3 months, specifically for mortgage customers, perfectly addressing their typical needs by reducing their major uncertainties as homeowners:
    – An all-risk building insurance
    – A product providing instant financial help in case of death, job loss and divorce

Promising results
The bancassurance offering is live since April 2018 and the results are very encouraging:

  • 3 out of 4 customers are interested to talk about risks and make an appointment for an advisory after being contacted by their relationship manager of the bank
  • 90% of all customers like the innovative advisory via video chat
  • Relationship managers of the bank rate the Anivo advisory quality with 8.8 out of 10
  • Average hit ratio of 25% across all products.

Anivo is currently onboarding 2 further banks in Switzerland and are in discussions with a lot of regional- and cantonal banks in Switzerland. Also, with insurance companies are discussions underway to expand the bancassurance solution to other European countries.

Why we selected Anivo for DIA Munich?
Anivo created with Bancassurance as a service a new business. Establishing an interdisciplinary cooperation between a bank, an insurance and an Insurtech to develop a solution which is changing the way insurance products are sold and by opening a new sales channel. It matches Anivo’s business model of providing innovative insurance solutions to affinity groups.

At DIA Munich Alexander Bojer, Co-Founder and CEO and Werner Flatz, Co-Founder and CTO will showcase the Anivo’s bankassurance solution.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Anivo?
Anivo has been founded in 2015 by Alexander Bojer and Werner Flatz.
Alexander Bojer (Co-Founder & CEO) was a Manager with Accenture and a Principal with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for more than 12 years, supporting insurance companies in Europe and Latin America. He is a certified insurance broker.

Werner Flatz (Co-Founder & CTO) was a Manager with Accenture for 8 years, supporting insurance with the setup and operations of business entities for general-, life- and health insurance.

Anivo currently employs 25 insurance and technology experts in Switzerland and Austria. Anivo is backed by a small group of private investors e.g. Martin Strobel (former CEO Baloise Group), Stefan Loacker (former CEO Helvetia Group) or Luc Albert (various C-Level position within Swiss Re Group).
As one of the very few InsurTechs globally, in 2018 Anivo turned profitable.

”Anivo combines cutting-edge insurance platform technology, newly-designed insurance products and high-class insurance advisory services to a comprehensive offering for affinity groups” Alexander Bojer, CEO & Co-founder Anivo

Right: Alexander Bojer, Co-Founder & CEO; left: Werner Flatz, Co-Founder & CTO Anivo

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