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apinity: Getting real business value out of your APIs

Written by Jolijn Schalkwijk on Mar 18, 2024

For insurers, fully leveraging their APIs for business growth and efficiency can be quite complex. apinity provides platforms that streamline API management, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable API monetization.

apinity aims to drive digital transformation and innovation in the regulated industry sector, by simplifying complex API management, turning these APIs into revenue-generating assets, ensuring adherence to financial regulations, and seamlessly integrating these with legacy systems.

apinity has a suite of marketplace solutions, each product is tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. By simplifying the process of integrating, managing, and monetizing APIs, its various platforms enable businesses to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and create new revenue streams.

How it works

As mentioned before, apinity has a suite of marketplace solutions. apinity’s offers a “pay-as-you-go” on its public API marketplace (xplore), but it also offers a SaaS solution for insurers that wish to build an individual API ecosystem for themselves and their partners, using their own branding (xact and xpand).

apinity | xplore

apinity explore presents an ecosystem carefully crafted for the global insurance industry’s providers and consumers. Providers can effortlessly showcase their sophisticated solutions, while consumers can quickly integrate them with a few clicks to create enhanced services for a better insurance experience.

apinity | xact

While classic API management focuses on the technical integration and basic operational aspects, xact goes beyond by enabling you to manage your APIs as strategic assest. It provides you with a profound understanding of your API landscape, comprehensive compliance tools, real-time tracking, and innovative revenue generation opportunities.

apinity | xpand

A versatile and flexible platform, expand elevated your API management from a technical spect of your operations to a strategic cornerstone of your business. It provides the tools to effectively manage, monitor, and monetise your APIs while offering unprecedented flexibility and control.

Why we selected apinity for ITC DIA Europe Munich

apinity’s innovative edge lies in transforming APIs from mere tools to strategic assets. It offers marketplace solutions that facilitate API productization and monetization, tailored to meet the stringent regulatory needs of the regulated industry. Its platforms are intuitive, secure, and compliance-centric.

At ITC DIA Europe Munich, Anna-Carina Häusler, Managing Director at apinity, presented its business cases and addressed how to unlock the power of growth with the inside-in approach, mastering business evolution with the outside-in approach and redefining service partnerships with the inside-out approach.

The apinity API marketplace is already used by insurance players and it has collaborated with over 40 leading service providers with their ready-to-use SaaS services. In 2021 apinity won the prestigious Versicherungs Leuchtturm, the insurtech100 award, was nominated for the UX Design award, the Leuchtturm Award 2022, won the Insury Startup Award 2023 and last but certainly not least, apinity won the ITC DIAmond Award in Barcelona 2023.

Who is apinity?

apinity originated from Allianz Group in 2019 and was taken over by Munich RE in 2022. Its technology cloud is native and its dedicated agile team is based in  Munich, Germany. apinity operates globally and specializes in advanced API marketplace solutions, focusing on the regulated financial sector, including banking, insurance, and fintech.

“We support our customers end-to-end where they can benefit most from APIs: in making business.”

Anna-Carina Häusler, Managing Director, apinity
Anna-Carina Häusler, Managing Director, apinity
Amsterdam 12-13 June


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