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Asysco: Unlocking the value of Legacy

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 1, 2016

Legacy systems like mainframes, still power the core administrations of many insurance companies. These systems are expensive, inflexible and difficult to integrate with. They negatively impact your ability to innovate and to gain competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is tightly linked to an organizations’ ability to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands. Innovation is key. Every euro spent on these legacy systems is a euro lost on innovation. The only alternative seems to be to replace the legacy system with a commercial insurance package but that’s not a simple undertaking: implementation takes a lot of time, it usually requires you to adapt your business process and is costly.

Legacy Transformation
Asysco has helped many insurance companies, such as Aegon, Aviva, American Public Life, Cosvi and others to move their core systems to modern technologies in as much as 9 months to 1 year. Once in the new environment, these companies have been able to selectively replace and integrate (parts of) the system in a matter of months allowing much faster innovation with new trends such as mobile, cloud, self-service, business intelligence, data mining and so on. Legacy is no longer an inhibitor but an asset waiting to be leveraged for business success. Innovation happens much faster than through any other approach and with manageable risk and clear ROI. Imagine all the things you are currently unable to do with the old technologies: real time insight and knowledge, fast and flexible changes, easy and straight through integration with all the solutions presented at DIA Barcelona.

Why did we select Asysco for DIA Barcelona?
Asysco has a long and proven track record in mainframe migration and legacy transformation. Over the years they have completed over 70 migration projects with a 100% success rate. They have never failed a single project. Their Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) and methodology is unique in the market. The key to success is Asysco’s proven automated migration of the entire legacy ecosystem: code, data, batch, scheduling, operations management, security, etc.  are all automatically converted to open systems equivalents delivering a target environment that delivers same or better quality of service (availability, scalability, resilience, manageability, security, …). This combined with their extensive experience and large number of references in the insurance industry makes Asysco a valuable speaker at DIA.

Who is Asysco
Asysco was founded in in 1979 and has offices in the Netherlands, Spain and USA. Asysco strongly believes in turning legacy into value by being able to reuse functionality and knowledge that is embedded in legacy systems while being able to modernize and innovate at the same time. With over 30 years of profound knowledge and understanding of LINC, EAE & COBOL systems Asysco offers proven, turnkey technology solutions and expertise for delivering high quality transformation and modernization without failure.  

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Bernd Sakulski, EMEA Sales Manager Suzanne Glorie, Global Marketing Manager

Contact info Business Developtment/Sales: Bernd Sakulski, EMEA Sales Manager, +34 669 841 876, [email protected]

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