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B2X: Superior customer experience in smartphone insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 6, 2016

B2X provides customer care services for smartphones and other electronic devices. More than 6 billion people will have a smartphone by 2020. Given the increasing use of smartphones, protection plans have become an inevitable choice to make for many device owners. People do not want to be caught without insurance if something happens to their device. B2X helps insurance providers to take customer care to the next level and delight smartphone owners throughout their entire lifecycle with a device.

Turnkey solution
B2X’s SMARTCARE Technology is a turnkey customer care solution for insurance providers. The platform serves a global customer care ecosystem for smartphones with more than 400 connected service partners and thousands of data points in more than 100 countries. SMARTCARE Technology is scalable by design and handles millions of service transactions every year. Through a service-based architecture, an established global service network and the SMARTAPP mobile application, B2X can build a business for insurance providers in any country within just a few weeks – from customer facing front-end to highly efficient back-end operations. To summarize the benefits for insurance companies:

  • Excellent Customer Experience –SMARTCARE Technology delivers a great customer care experience resulting in higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and new cross-selling opportunities.
  • Reduced Complexity – Insurance providers can utilize a global customer care ecosystem quickly while focusing on their core business. A trusted and reliable service partner network with real-time data integration is in place, globally.
  • Minimized Costs – SMARTCARE Technology helps to optimize customer care processes with a focus on minimizing costs. Best-practice processes and self-help capabilities diagnose and solve many issues, resulting in repair avoidance.
  • Increased Agility – Through a global service partner network and SMARTCARE Technology B2X shortens time to market for insurance providers as well as balance capacities across the globe.

Why we selected B2X for DIA Barcelona
Smartphone and digital insurance offerings play an increasingly important role for insurance providers. As classic offerings such as car and household insurances are less and less relevant especially to younger generations, smartphone protection programs and digital risk insurances offer a new opportunity for insurance providers to stay relevant in the digital world. B2X offers a one-stop-shop customer care solution to insurance providers, globally. This allows new market entrants to enter and expand quickly into new markets and it allows established insurance players to benefit from a proven customer care technology platform with a great customer experience and significant scale effects.

Who is B2X
Karim Barkawi founded B2X in 2007 with the idea to innovate customer care for mobile devices. The mission of B2X is to minimize people’s disruption from their digital lives and keep them always online. Today, B2X works with manufacturers like Apple, Sony and Xiaomi, insurance providers like AIG and Simplesurance and network carriers like AT&T and Vodafone. B2X has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, employs more than 800 people and has operations in more than 100 countries around the world. B2X has been recognized as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, won the European Business Awards and is ranked on the Inc. 5000 Europe list as the third fastest growing private company in Europe. We are pleased that Dieter Weisshaar, CCO B2X, will share his vision at DIA Barcelona.

Presenting at DIA Barcelona Dieter Weisshaar, Chief Commercial Officer


Amsterdam 12-13 June


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