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bdeo: revolutionizing claims management with video streaming & deep learning technology

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 19, 2017

Spanish startup, bdeo, provides a visual claim solution to improve the customer experience during the claim process. They created a virtual channel between the insured and the insurer system. With Deep Learning, bdeo is able to automatically process and close car claims without human interaction.

When a claim is made, Bdeo connects the insured’s phone with the remote insurer agent in real time to perform damage assessment. Insureds don’t like to install insurance apps but with a simple SMS bdeo manages to complete a geolocated video call to avoid fraud. Enabling the taking of pictures and videos & measurements in order to complete a damage assessment in less than 3 minutes. With Bdeo’s powerful API & white label architecture, the integration with the insurers system is fast and efficient.

Bdeo signed with the biggest insurance company in Spain, works already with the biggest insurer in Portugal and is starting to work with several insurers in Mexico and LATAM as part of the accelerator process of SBC Fintech in Mexico.

Simplification of the claim process
The bdeo solution is extremely functional and intuitive. It reduces up to 80% of the claim adjusters time and 50% of the costs while improving the customer experience once the claim happened.



  • Callcenter

The bdeo platform allows scheduling and managing video calls using the bdeo alerts & notification module, like holding video calls & allowing to take simultaneous video calls. It also possible to include another third agent, in order to have the repairing company online during the video claim.

  • Interactive board

While the video claim is being performed, the video agent can control the mobile camera of the insured to assess the damages. Thanks to the real-time connection, the agent is able to take pictures, switch on mobile flash, record the session, draw in the video screen to show elements to the user and taking measures in the video streaming.

  • Reports

The insurance agent can download a complete report with the geolocation information, pictures and written annotations. He can record the session to access the video claim afterwards for a further analysis. All the information of the video claim is stored for an unlimited period of time.

  • APP Movil

Bdeo provides an application, through which the user will have access to scheduled video claims and the option to request them on demand. Once the video has been started the user can use the app to work in offline mode, taking photos and recording videos without coverage.

  • SMS

In addition, bdeo offers the option to send an SMS with a link to the video claim session, without the need to register or download. Thanks to this feature, anyone could perform easily a video claim with a single use web access. Even an insured could use bdeo.

Why we selected bdeo for DIA Munich
We’re very pleased bdeo wants to showcase their game-changing technology program at DIAMunich. The startup simplifies the whole claim management process and their app is already called one of the most useful tools for the insurance industry. Reducing fraud and operations costs.

Who is bdeo ?
Bdeo is a startup founded in 2017 by Julio Pernia. Based in Madrid bdeo is part of the cohort of Startbootcamp Fintech Mexico 2017.

Julio Pernía holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering in Madrid. In 2002, he joined CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, as a programmer. A few years later he would return to Spain to work as a consultant with clients such as Lucent Technologies and Telefónica. He also collaborated as an international consultant in AENA as part of the SESAR project for the European Commission.

Julio is not only an entrepreneur with bdeo, he is also active with another adventure in the insurance sector: reparanet. Reparanet is already considered a solid platform that operates with more than 12 insurers.

Julio Pernia, Founder bdeo


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