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BestFit: behavioural science adds the human factor to digital and hyper personal messages

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 13, 2022

Warren Buffet said it: “Insurance is all about risk.” The biggest risk, excluding disasters, is people’s behaviour (drinking while driving, ignoring medical instructions et cetera). BestFit reveals people’s real personality traits and delivers impactful communication to motivate responsible behaviour and – if required – change of behaviour.

BestFit is a behavioural science-based platform that reveals deep personality traits and decision drivers increasing customer satisfaction and profitability through an engaging,

3-minute “discovery journey” of indirect questions.

Using the benefits of gamification, BestFit is a data generator of people’s emotional DNA, allowing for hyper-personalized communication and bespoke offers. Especially in a time when digitalisation is key, driven by the online habits of millennials and generation X and accelerated by COVID, the opportunities to go online and reduce personal interaction are enormous. But you need a human and personalized approach to do it right and keep your clients happy – this is where BestFit comes in.

How does it work

BestFit’s proprietary algorithms use people’s answers to the fun and engaging questions to uncover information that predicts future behaviour. At the end of a three-minute digital journey of questions, the client gets an instant personalized product or service that has a high probability to convert. 

BestFit delivers the granular data, segments of clients and personalized text and images for campaigns based on the outcome. As a result, insurers increase efficiency and add to their profitability. Moreover, client satisfaction and NPS go up as clients experience the personalized offers and messaging. For insurers working with agents, it means agents can choose the leads with certain characteristics or match clients with agents based on personality.

BestFit has a broad client base with insurers like Zurich, Wüstenrot, Klinc, Maccabi, R+V, IBM, Check 24 et cetera. In2019 BestFit won the DIAmond Award at DIA Munich. Since then it was chosen by Gartner as Cool Vendor in Insurance 2020 and 2021 and chosen by the Fintech Center of the Hebrew University and the Mizrahi Bank as the best corporate solution for “The Human Factor in Digital”.

Why did we choose BestFit for DIA Amsterdam?

Sonja Kohn, Founder and Managing Partner at BestFit, will be presenting at DIA Amsterdam how true customer centricity and hyper personalization can be achieved with BestFit’s emotional personality data (first party data) and how that is currently being done by insurance companies in Europe, Australia and Israel.

She will show several live examples and use cases and explain how they add business value. For example by using the words and arguments that change behaviour for a specific client. And she will talk about avatars and ‘look alike’ solutions to generate instant value.

About BestFit

BestFit was founded in 2017 with a mission to add a human factor in digital to improve the profitability of their partners, build their customer base and increase revenues, satisfaction and loyalty. BestFit’s founder, Sonja Kohn, has vast multi-disciplinary experience as a serial entrepreneur, who founded several successful companies in partnership with Italian Banca Intesa (now Intesa Sanpaolo) to form FundsWorld, a first-mover online funds platform, and with UniCredit Bank Austria, Austria’s largest bank.

BestFit has a multidisciplinary and multilingual team, which includes academics, business- and fintech professionals, IT and BI specialists.

BestFit launched its product in 2019 and currently has clients on three continents including Zurich Insurance, Wüstenrot, Maccabi (HMO), IBM, Hermes, Henkel Group, Check 24 and many more.

”We at BestFit make thoughts visible. Turning information into insights, we enable companies to talk to customers’ brains.”

Prof. Dr. Moran Cerf, Chief Scientist BestFit

Visit BestFit’s website to learn more!

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