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BESTFIT: Discovery and Monetization of Behavioral Insights

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 6, 2020

BestFit is a digital behavior science platform; a synergy of Science, Psychology, Technology & Business Intelligence merging HITM (Human Intelligence) and AI. With BestFit’s engaging digital questionnaires, corporates and their clients can uncover personality traits, decision drivers, and preferences. For companies, it delivers holistic personality profiles, decision drivers and preferences, predictive intelligence that empowers impactful communication and personalized offers. For their clients, a +/- 3-minute, fun self-discovery experience.

BestFiT is a company at the core of 3 exponentially growing industries – Digital, Data, and Gamification. With their innovative platform, they have won a DIAmond Award for Greatest Strategic Impact, they were selected by DIA’s mediapartner Italian Insurtech Association as the Best Digital Product for Corporates end were this year chosen by Gartner as a Cool Vendors 2020 in insurance. Something new this year: they have taken their product and developed a covid-19 solution.

How it works
The engagement can start in any communication channel via an anonymous, personal link, that leads customers to a tailor-made online questionnaire. After completing the questions, customers receive a profile that can be shared online. While the customer receives a easy to read personal profile, you receive complete detailed analysis of every customer as well as identified segments and clusters, per business goal.

The Emotional Thermometer (Resilience Index)
All people got affected by the pandemic. Therefore, existing client profiles and personas are now out of date. BestFit’s proprietary algorithms deliver, based on the choice of answers to indirect questions, updated, holistic and unbiased predictive profiles of customers, prospects and employees. More than ever businesses need opt-in, precision predictive profiles – not just to fine-tune, but to re-tune your outreach to optimize its efficiency, boost engagement, supercharge customer acquisition, and drive growth and profitability.

Key benefits

  • Source of data: direct user input with full consent & awareness (GDPR compliant), not through social footprint. There is no data from the company required.
  • Quality of data: emotional DNA, predictive (stability of personality traits), no biases due to indirect questions, holistic, micromarketing and microtargeting intelligence.
  • Proven results: CTR 8-21%, completion rates 83-97%, conversion rates around 25%, data based on 1.5+ million questionnaires.
  • Length of value chain: white label solutions, APIs, customized projects, high scalability.  

Why we selected BestFit for DIA Prime Time
BestFit offers a unique combination of client experience that delivers to the companies’ predictive information about consumer decision drivers and preferences. The BestFit solution can address all problems of insurance companies, excluding natural disasters. Especially now, in a year in which so much has changed, BestFit shows why their solution can help companies moving forward.

Who is BestFit?
BestFit was founded in 2015 by Mrs. Sonja Kohn, a serial entrepreneur with multi-disciplinary experience. IBM and Zurich Insurance are key-partners and they have major clients such as Baloise, Maccabi (HMO), Hermes, Henkel Group and many more.

With a multidisciplinary and multilingual team of academics, business and fintech professionals, IT and BI Specialists, BESTFIT is on their way to strategic partnerships, upscaling possibilities and global expansion.

“We at BestFit make thoughts visible. Turning information into insights, we enable companies to talk to customers’ brains.” Prof. Dr. Moran Cerf, Chief Scientist BESTFIT

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