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BetterYou: The Healthy Habits Companion 

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jul 28, 2022

90% of our discretionary time is spent on screens. Our screens can either help us achieve our goals or steer us further away from accomplishing them. BetterYou is a healthy habits companion app that helps people find more time for their health and wellness. This includes outcomes like more sleep, steps, social talk time, meditation time and learning time.  

BetterYou works with organizations like companies and universities to roll out its app to employees and students at no cost to the individual. It works with organizations like H&R Block, Allina Health, Amway, Florida International University, University of Michigan, and 80+ more. By helping their members improve their health, BetterYou help these organizations see higher engagement in wellness programs, greater retention rates, lower chances of burnout, and an overall healthier population. It helps companies reduce their health costs by $60-80 per member per month. But its greatest goal is to help each individual take back control of their time, putting it towards what matters most. 

How does it work? 

The majority of wellness apps require some sort of manual entry. BetterYou wanted to make something simpler than that. With its app, users don’t need to remember to manually input their data like with competing apps. BetterYou works in the background to map progress based on app usage. Another aspect that sets the app apart is its personalized nudge system. Its AI component, a.k.a. BetterBot, notices when a user is starting to fall short of one’s goals and sends them a personalized nudge notification at the opportune moment. So when you’re on your 6th back-to-back YouTube video, BetterBot can remind you that you said calling mom was important this week. 

Who is Better You? 

BetterYou was founded in 2018 by Sean Higgins and Edwin Melendez. The company operates in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. To date, the startup has raised over $4M in capital to kickstart and continue growth. 

“Today our time is optimized. It just isn’t optimized for us. It’s built around advertisers and app makers who care more about what we’ll watch vs what we want. At BetterYou we wanted the things you care most about to be what your day gets built around.”

Sean Higgins, CEO BetterYou 

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