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Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on May 12, 2022

The global population is growing and getting older and sicker every year. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory are responsible for over 70% of deaths, according to WHO. And it’s only getting worse, with catastrophic impact not only on human suffering, but also for economies, healthcare systems and payers.

Insurers are very well positioned to help people achieve and maintain better wellbeing levels and improve their health. If insurers are aware of clients’ real-time health status, they are able to help people prevent serious health issues and become a true wellness partner. It would also allow them to better assess risks and help people prevent life-threatening diseases before it’s too late.’s software-based solution allows insurers to measure remotely (with client consent) and real-time, a wide range of clients’ health parameters using only their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Removing the need for wearables and with the end-user just looking at the devices camera for 60 seconds,’s video-based solution extracts blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity and pulse-respiration quotient (PRQ) – enabling insurers to enhance risk assessment and provide more customized services at lower costs.’s technology allows insurers to periodically extract clients’ real-time health data using only their personal electronic devices, lowering operational expenses associated with dedicated devices, reduce in-person health checks, and increase revenues by extending outreach to remote or underserved populations and locations. At the same time, it allows insurers to develop new applications and services related to wellness.

From sales (underwriting, dynamic underwriting, straight to policy) to service (to wellness programs to claims), insurers will be able – based on the health data collected – to onboard clients on wellness programs and help them get and stay in shape by providing them with information, suggest steps for improvements and reward goals achievements. Leading to higher loyalty, lower churn and become a true wellness partner.

How it works removes the need for wearables and dedicated hardware devices for measuring health parameters and offers a software-only solution. Its technology runs on the device, also offline, allowing end-users to access it anytime and anywhere. technology extracts health parameters either contactless, with the user looking at the front facing camera of the device (using remote PPG) or with the end-user’s finger touching the back camera of a smartphone (using PPG). has no access to the client health data.

The solutions runs on iOS, Android, Windows including the web application support, so that clients do not need to download an app to enable the technology.

Why did we select for DIA Amsterdam 2022?

Health is one of the key themes for DIA Amsterdam 2022. offers a technology that taps into this trend with their simple-to-use technology to measure vital signs of health risks using only a device camera.

David Maman, Co-Founder, CEO and CTO, will present’s technology on several devices such as smartphones and tablets and demo how it works. And if you would like to try it yourself, you can visit the booth of where you can measure your vital signs.

Who is was founded in 2016 by a team of three co-founders: David Maman (CEO and CTO),  Konstantin Gedalin (Chief Research Officer) and Michael Markzon (Chief Scientist). To date, the company has raised $14.5M and it is currently completing its C-series founding. is in growth stage, serving over 100 customers worldwide in numerous industries such as insurance, wellness, healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive and more. In insurance is used by SOMPO, Generali, Momentum, ICIC Lombard, Cigna and many more.

”’s vision and mission for Health. Care. Anywhere. is to change the way people achieve and maintain wellbeing and healthcare. We enable industries such as insurance, wellness and healthcare to access vital health data for the benefit of all – provided by users from a device they already have.”

David Maman, CEO Binah

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