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Blancco Mobile Insurance: Enabling Fraud-Proof Enrollments after the Sale

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 20, 2020

Up to 90 percent of customers leave mobile retail stores without device insurance. Post-sale insurance enrollments have traditionally represented higher rates of fraudulent claims, so subscription offers after device sale are either abandoned or never offered in the first place. Blancco Mobile Insurance reduces fraudulent claims by accurately assessing the condition of mobile devices remotely with a trusted, configurable app or web browser that customers can access anywhere.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest retail, finance, healthcare, government and telecommunications companies, Blancco Technology Group is a leading global provider of mobile device diagnostics and secure data erasure solutions. The company operates in three key markets: enterprise, IT asset disposition, and mobile, and has more than 35 patents granted or pending for innovative work in software-based data erasure and mobile diagnostics.

As part of its mobile solutions offerings, Blancco Mobile Insurance opens the door to post-sale insurance enrollments, for both new and refurbished devices, while reducing fraudulent claims. Key to the process is Blancco’s app, which allows customers to accurately and remotely assess the condition of their mobile devices. The app also allows insurance providers to offer insurance at any point in the customer lifecycle (even after point-of-sale) and wherever the customer is located, giving providers the ability to target new subscribers and expand their existing customer base. In other words: it gives insurers the opportunity to tap into the remaining 90 percent of uninsured mobile device buyers.

Blancco Mobile Insurance is comprehensive and globally scalable, leading in the market of diagnostic solutions. It launched with Allianz and AON, as well as multiple device protection providers in the US.

How it works
Blancco Mobile Insurance allows insurers to identify and accurately assess device condition in order to offer the right amount of coverage to customers at any point in the device lifecycle, and it does so very quickly—in only a few minutes.

Insurers can access a management portal for tracking and reporting trends and usage and can configure pricing on back-end systems to show insurance prices dynamically in-app, giving customers a variety of insurance purchase options. So first, the customer gets an insurance price.
Then it’s time to test the condition of the device through a set of configurable tests, from LCD screen testing to cracked glass testing. This eliminates inaccurate customer assessments of device quality with a consistent, easy-to-use process. It also manages common fraudulent behaviours with key security measures.
As an insurer, you receive the information you need to offer the right amount of protection and reduce fraudulent claims. The process takes just over a minute from start to finish, creating a seamless customer experience.

With Blancco’s trusted suite of diagnostic tests, as well as their industry-leading cracked glass detection and screen quality tests, mobile insurers can feel confident they’re offering the right amount of coverage at the right price.

Blancco at DIA Prime Time
Traditionally, mobile device insurance has been limited to a slim window of opportunity. Sales teams addressed insurance options with face-to-face consumers, hoping to gain opt-ins before customers walked out the door with their new devices. It’s no wonder: insuring even slightly used devices was fraught with issues. Insurers had no way of knowing how to measure the integrity of a used device, or how to objectively gauge when a late insurer was out to game the system. New technology puts these concerns to rest, blowing open the doors to insuring accurately valuated devices while minimizing risk. At DIA Prime Time, Kon Maragelis of Blancco shows us how.

Who is Blancco?
Blancco was founded in the late 1990s with its chief product addressing data security through software-based data erasure. Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics software. Their data erasure software provides thousands of organizations with the tools needed to enable sustainable data sanitization processes across the widest array of IT assets. Additionally, mobile processors can achieve operational excellence while maximizing profits with Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure—a purpose-built solution that streamlines diagnostics, erasure and grading processes to prevent unnecessary touchpoints and increase efficiency.

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories. All Blancco erasures are verified and certified, resulting in a tamper-proof audit trail.

“As technology has evolved, we’ve continued to innovate, now addressing data and diagnostics on a wide variety of devices, including mobile. Our commitment is to create the most effective, efficient and compelling mobile device diagnostics and data erasure solutions for our global customers, which means providing accurate, data-driven solutions for the mobile insurance industry, retailers, resellers and others.” Matt Jones, CEO, Blancco.

Check out their DIA Prime Time video here:

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