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bsurance: connecting customers with insurance products directly at point of sale

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 12, 2019

bsurance, the Insurtech startup from Austria, connects customers with fair and relevant insurance products at the right time and place all over Europe. bsurance is partnering up with b2c companies with a large number of customers or transactions and with insurance carriers. bsurance helps b2c companies grow or safeguard their existing business by enriching their services and products with embedded insurance products. bsurance delivers insurance products over the digital bsurance platform straightforward and in real-time. On the other side of this marketplace bsurance enables insurance carriers to get in touch with new markets and customer segments.

The startup develops and implements tailor-made insurance products directly into the sales channels of companies with a large customer base. bsurance provides a customizable and simple digital platform that connects insurance companies and their products with business partners and their B2C platforms. The result: embedded insurance products at the point of sale.


bsurance products tailored specifically for partners and their customers
bsurance goes further by offering the possibility to customize insurance products that fully meet the partners’ and their customers’ expectations and needs. The startup is cooperating with UNIQA Insurance Group AG and Munich Re.

For example; dental accident insurance
A b2c partnership with Playbrush, a leading digital disrupter in the health care industry to implement an embedded dental accident insurance, is ongoing. Playbrush makes brushing interactive. In other words, Playbrush translates every tooth brushing movement into gameplay, so children actively control the games as they brush. During each 2-minute adventure, the gaming apps encourage children to brush at the correct speed and equally within all quadrants of the mouth. The Result? A unique brushing experience with lots of fun.


There are two major dental challenges for children: tooth decay, which can be prevented by brushing the teeth properly using the Playbrush offer. And accidents, the costs are only partly covered by the social insurance. That’s why an insurance covering additional costs value to their existing subscription model. In order to allow a proper customer experience, bsurance had to develop a smart and lean way of embedding the dental accident insurance in the respective product.

How it works

Why we selected bsurance for DIA Munich
The linking of an insurance product to a payment transaction provides an outlook on the many possibilities that the cloud-based, digital insurance platform from bsurance also offers in the area of bancassurance: The cooperation partners are connected to the respective risk carrier via simple interfaces. Policy creation, insurance product and claims management take place in real time and exclusively digitally.
bsurance B2B2C embedded insurance solution, offered as an embedded add-on product or as part of product-bundles and can be completed within a very short time. This benefits the consumer but also the respective partner company.
At DIA Munich bsurance will showcase their innovative solutions.

Who is bsurance?
Founded in 2017 by Lorenz Graeff, Manfred Schmiedl and Andreas Struggl in Vienna, Austria.
Key partners are Munich Re and UNIQA Insurance Group AG.
In addition to the existing UNIQA Insurance Group AG partnership, the strategic partnership with Munich Re that also includes risk transfer. Allowing bsurance to benefit from Munich Re’s product knowhow and enable to develop and create new and innovative insurance products in a very efficient setup. The startup has already a large number of partner companies in Austria and Germany, and as a result, also in the rest of Europe. The cooperation with Munich Re greatly helps in acquiring new affiliates in Europe.

“My personal vision is to bring back the insurance industry to their cooperative roots – helping people to tackle the risks of life. So this leads directly to our company mission, fair and relevant insurance products in context.” Lorenz Graeff, Co-founder & CEO bsurance

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