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Build38: Maximum In-App Protection and Risk Control for Insurance and Mobile Security

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 4, 2019

Best German Cybersecurity Start-up 2019, Build38 improves Mobile Security for critical and high value apps in untrusted environments. They are the leading vendor of In-App protection and enabler of password less authentication solutions. They represent a new generation of app-hardening technologies for a B2B market expanding to new digital business models. Their Trusted Application Kit T.A.K protects premium apps across consumer centric industries with an awareness for innovative technologies and a main focus on user experience. In App Protection combined with monitoring tools offers direct insights and analytics. Risk analysis can become part of app management and happens in real time, based on facts about fraud prevention and hacking attempts.

Prime markets are of course insurance but also automotive, finance, public transport and health care. The BUILD part of their company name comes from their mission: “We build for you to build on”. Due to the high growth rate of the mobile market in Asia Build38 has experiences a lot of pull from China and other Asian countries recently. In Europe companies use Build38 for a new solution on the regulatory demand of GDPR or PSD2 and governance to prepare for new forms of technology and the impact of AI in mobile only markets.


Build38 is recognized by the leading GARTNER Market Guide 2019 as the only “Security made in Germany” provider for mobile security solutions. Today more than 8 million people worldwide have a Build38 secured app running on their phone. Build38 succeeds everywhere there is something at risk, like the Digital Car Key for automotive or the payment wallet for retailers or the customer identities for Single-sign-on Services or Health and customer data in insurance.


Reducing operational and security risks also reduces software expenses and technology stacks. The Trusted Application Kit T.A.K is an easy to integrate SDK, saving app providers time, trouble and the risk of badly integrated security. App development teams can concentrate on user service and experience and never worry about security and app management again.

How it works
Implementing the SDK directly into the source code during app development can be done quite quickly and easily by the app development team itself. The SDK library integrates the protection layers directly into the source code to reduce operational and security risk with multiple mechanisms. The cloud monitors the integrity of the app and enables app providers to improve fraud management and threat defense. The SDK tools are invisible to the end user, user experience simply stays untouched.

The Build38 development team in Barcelona, Spain, is there for support, if needed.

Why we selected Build38 for DIA Munich
Build38 empowers App Providers to deliver apps that are cool to use, easy to develop, highly secure and frictionless at the same time. Build38 is about supporting the insurance industry.

T.A.K is a platform solution and an SDK for Android and iOS that allows a quick and easy development of highly secured and protected mobile apps. It is integrated into mobile apps within hours, therewith saves development costs and shortens the crucial time to launch the mobile app. The T.A.K service addresses the basic human need of feeling and being SAFE.

At DIA Munich Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO and Managing Director of Build38 Munich, addressed a rational take on the benefits of premium app protection. If an insurer decides to invest in app protection, how would this look like, what would be the benefits and how could this decision effect business intelligence. He walked the audience through the process including integration in agile development tools guaranteeing app security and governance in every sprint.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is Build38?
Build38 was founded to make the world more digital and secure at the same time. With offices in Munich, Barcelona and Singapore, their goal is to extend the many users of the technology globally through our fresh approach as a new venture combined with a reliable and market proven solution. They are product managers and consultants, business men and family men, big city travelers and countryside adventurers, tech guys and dads with daughters. They met years ago as colleagues and worked together ever since. This company is the victory of a team effort as much as it is the victory of an idea.
They had significant help in actualizing this company. Giesecke+Devrient, the long-established technology group with 167 years of history, has been a valued partner in their founding phase 2018 as a spin-off. They have extended the financial support for their launch and they benefited greatly from the truly global perspective on mobile security hardware.

”We create the highest standards possible for the protection of thriving mobile markets, because we believe it’s best for economy. We think, every app can be safe, and the internet can become a trusted environment again.” Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO and Co-Founder of Build38

Dr. Christian Schläger, CEO and Co-Founder of Build38

The core teamof Build38 from Barcalona, Munich and Singapore.
Left to right
Lora, AI development
Eduardo, Backend development
Joaquin, MD Iberia and Co-Founder
Sergi, Mobile Security expert and Co-Founder
Oscar, platform development
Marc, Architecture and Co-Founder
Christian, CEO and Co-Founder
Pedro, MD APAC and Co-Founder
Andreas, Crypto Security and Co-Founder
Torsten, Product Management and Co-Founder
Gerd, Business Development
Tillmann, CFO and Co-Founder

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