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CamCom: “Future proof the process” – AI for Automotive Damage Assessment

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 16, 2020

CamCom is an AI platform for automotive defect/damage assessment built on a computer vision stack. Motor inspections and claims assessments in the insurance space are a labour-intensive process which makes it subjective and highly prone to error. CamCom’s solution enables self-inspections for instant claim settlements, premium calculations and visual audit trails. It has seamless integration with core insurance solutions and multiple deployment models (API, SDK & Webapp), successfully in use with some of largest insurers in India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Traditionally, automotive damage assessments is done by human intensive inspection and are therefore subjective, slow and prone to error. CamCom provides contactless, objective, precise and superfast inspections where the data is securely stored and processed in the cloud – with results immediately available to the company. Consumers are empowered with self-inspect, assess and settle.

CamCom is ranked in the Assocham Top 20 startups of India 2019, K-startup Grand Challenge Top 40 Start-Ups In The World 2019 and Top 10 Best Start-Ups i2i Innovation Awards. Their customers consist of big insurers like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and HDFC ERGO General Insurance.

Key benefits of the platform

  • Contactless.
  • Eliminates subjectivity.
  • Seamless integration with core insurance solutions.
  • Multiple deployment models.
  • Built for, and in production with, leading players in the automotive industry.

How it works

Why we selected CamCom for DIA Prime Time

CamCom uses AI in a completely new way in defect and damage assessment in the automotive industry. Their innovative solution is arguably the only one in production today that is a straight pass through inspection, assessment, and settlement with leading insurers. At Prime Time, CamCom will showcase their App for inspections to assess damage and settle claims.

Who is CamCom?
CamCom is an award-winning AI platform for automotive defect/damage assessment. They deploy their solution through bespoke rigs or mobile devices depending on the customer requirements for precision and speed. They are funded and led by a team of industry leaders with deep technology expertise and international experience. They ambition to position themselves as the quality assurance partner of choice for enterprises across the world by future proofing their QA process.

”Empower customers to do inspections and assess damage of any product, anytime, anywhere in its lifecycle using just a mobile device.” CEO, Mahesh Subramanian

Mahesh Subramanian and the CamCom team

Check out their live demo here:

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