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CCS: helping insurers to accelerate their digital transformation

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 21, 2021

Insurers often operate within complex IT landscapes, inhibiting the speed of innovation and making it harder to keep up with their customers’ ever-changing expectations. To stay relevant in the long term, insurers must offer an excellent customer experience, utilizing their data to the fullest extent and embracing new technologies and services.

CCS enables insurers to play at the top of their digital game. With their Digital Insurance Platform they help insurers to make the step to embedded and real-time connected insurance. Thanks to their 35-year track record, they are well-equipped to fully understand and meet the challenges of today’s insurance industry.

CCS helps insurers to fix their integration spaghetti by integrating any technology to their platforms. They can also help leverage all available data, often stored in many different applications. With their solution, all relevant data can be utilized from a central platform, managing business processes from marketing to underwriting and claims. With CCS’ Digital Insurance platform, they enable insurers to offer and manage embedded and real-time connected insurance, helping them become truly future-ready.

How it works
CCS has helped many insurers, as well as banc-assurance players, to offer excellent customer service and products, while delivering a seamless customer experience, both online and off-line. This requires a full integration of the entire insurance distribution chain, from the different front-ends that may be in place for different labels, all the way to the different back-offices in case different insurance carriers are involved.

Central to CCS’ Digital Insurance Platform is their unique approach to data management. It all starts with creating a centralized and uniform data structure, also known as a canonical data model, based on the industry standard ACORD.
Each application is linked to the platform by applying dynamic and conditional mapping to this uniform data model. This makes all enterprise data instantly and efficiently available to be leveraged, when modelling business processes, business rules or when configuring new products. Everything is orchestrated from a central platform, whether it applies to the marketing function, underwriting or claims.

The Product Designer gives clear insight into each process, the different labels and their different business rules. It allows to make changes easily to each process, and selecting the labels these changes should apply to. Changes in the process business rules are automatically reflected in the front-end, as they are all equipped with embedded, dynamic UI.

Bringing new products to market faster and more efficiently
CCS’ Digital Insurance Platform enables insurers to run their complete insurance operation, integrating the entire distribution chain in a highly efficient manner, saving costs and enabling them to bring new products to market fast.It allows insurers to efficiently run multi-label and multi-product campaigns and easily change their front-ends with a dynamic user interface.
And it doesn’t stop there: think about integrating connected lead detectors as part of an insurance product, or embedding specific insurance products in the portal of partner distributors. Working with the Digital Insurance Platform helps insurers to stay agile and fully in control – modernizing legacy systems, step-by-step; launching new products faster and optimizing distribution systems.

Who is CCS?
CCS has been offering innovative software solutions for the insurance industry for the past 35 years. They combine in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry with extensive experience in IT, helping their clients stay competitive in the complex and demanding insurance world. More than 2,000 organizations work with CCS’ software solutions. CCS is winner of the 2019 Innovation in Insurance award and is headquartered in The Netherlands, serving clients all across Europe. 

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