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Chevalier: A unique customer journey and data-driven decision making is leveraging employee protection

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Dec 2, 2019

Chevalier is a legal technology company with the vision to make justice more accessible and affordable for consumers. Enabled by Chevalier’s software and advanced analytics solutions, lawyers can provide more accurate case assessment, more effective negotiation tactics and overall superior results to their clients.  

As a legal tech firm, Chevalier has set itself the goal of helping employees achieve optimal results in labor disputes through a perfect human-tech interaction. They differentiate themselves from the mass of law firms in Germany by placing a maximum focus on the customer journey of their clients. Every client at any time of their journey will have a contact point for their questions, concerns and wishes. The firm succeeds in implementing this extraordinary service level through the support of the service company Chevalier GmbH. This company takes over the acquisition of clients, supports the client support and optimizes the management of cases through data-based and semi-automated systems.


Using an algorithm to estimate and rate the success probability of labor law cases and provide scores based on information given by the clients in an easy-to-use journey, enabling lawyers to make high quality decisions.

In order to offer their clients, the best possible product, they use a self-developed CMS that automates and accelerates processes and workflows within the company. Using the CMS, they have been able to collect historical values and metadata, which form the basis for the algorithm, that they train with case data. This helps them to achieve better negotiation results for their clients through more and more precise evaluations.

While they developed and built the model in 2018, they were already able to help more than 2500 employees in 2019 and negotiate severance payments with a total volume of more than 5 million Euros.


How it works
In order to achieve excellence in litigation and negotiation results, Chevalier leverages Google’s Tensorflow to apply machine learning to vast amounts of case and contextual data to predict optimal outcomes. At the same time, Chevalier also develops a modular Javascript-based software to automate tedious and manual law firm back office tasks, thereby enabling case enforcement at scale.  

Why we selected Chevalier for DIA Munich
Chevalier focuses on offering their clients a unique UX to address their problems and needs and gain results by using data-driven decision support for lawyers. Enabled by Chevalier’s software and advanced analytics solutions, lawyers can provide more accurate case assessment, more effective negotiation tactics and overall superior results to their clients

At DIA Munich Sebastian Legler, CEO Flightright presented their optimized customer journey to address a problem and show their dashboard with decision-relevant scores of the termination situation.

Check out their live demo here: 

Who is Chevalier?
Chevalier is founded in 2018 by Marius Esser. Since the launch several thousand employees have used Chevalier’s service, hundreds of workers have commissioned Chevalier to assert their rights over their employer.

In the meantime, the Chevalier team has grown to more than 35 employees and the software developers have written more than 50,000 lines of computer code.

Key Partners/ Investor​: Flightright GmbH.
Funding raised​: Venture Debt Development phase​: Growth path

 “Chevalier is founded to give employees an anchor for their questions and needs without putting cost risks in the center and create an efficient way for dispute settlements in labor law proceedings.” Marius Esser founder

Sebastian Legler CEO Flightright                                                 Marius Esser, founder

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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