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Click-Ins: Automatic Vehicle Damage Detection

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 21, 2019

Click-Ins offers a cutting-edge solution for the detection of vehicle damage. Utilizing AI, Deep Learning, photogrammetry, and more, the Click-Ins platform only requires a click of a digital camera for an image to generate their smart digital signature to identify anomalies.

The Click-Ins solution helps reduce costs for motor vehicle insurance companies, as well as car rental and car sharing companies, by automatically recognizing and analyzing all damage to a vehicle. The startup has highly invested in R&D to create synthetic data, instead of compromising users’ privacy and using valuable resources to scour hundreds of thousands of images.


The Click-ins SaaS has been recognized as revolutionary and valuable by several clients, including Hachshara GO in Israel, who are already implementing the solution, and by leading companies like BASF.  Earlier this year, Click-Ins won the BASF Damage Recognition Challenge. As winners they are embarking upon a pilot with the world’s leading chemical company. In addition, they are recipients of a grant by the Israel Innovation Authority, which is given only to outstanding real technologies.


How it works

Click-Ins requires no additional hardware or trained manpower. With a simple click on a digital camera, the solution will identify all major data points about the vehicle, including all damage. The digital image of the damage will yield a digital signature called a DamagePrint. This record, like a fingerprint, is a long-term reference, and will be the standard by which to measure and prevent fraudulent damage claims.

What is unique and disruptive is the employment of multidisciplinary technologies: a hybrid of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, photogrammetry, applied mathematics, computer vision, and 3D modeling. At Click-Ins they believe this is the first time in history that these disciplines have been combined to deliver data with such a high level of confidence.

Why we selected Click-Ins for DIA Munich
Quickly and easily generating and archiving data of vehicle anomalies is the heart of the Click-Ins solution. What is innovative about Click-Ins is how they produce data, from generating synthetic images for training, to generating DamagePrint reports for companies and their customers.

At DIA Munich, Eugene Greenberg, Founder and CEO of Click-Ins and Dmitry Geyzersky Founder and CTO will show and tell all about their pipeline highlighting DamagePrint.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Click-Ins?
Click-Ins was founded in 2014 in Netanya, Israel, by CEO Eugene Greenberg and CTO Dmitry Geyzersky. With well over half a century of combined experience in Insurance, Software Architecture, and military-grade intelligence systems, they launched Click-Ins to easily, quickly, and successfully address the modern-day problems of “soft fraud” that impact motor vehicle verticals in a cost-efficient and lasting way. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and collaborating with Chief Scientist and expert Dr. Evgeny Medvedev, the founders received funding by noted tech investors, Michael Pechatnikov (Telemap, VisionMap) and Ohad Plotnik (Foreity, Aorato). With the additional support of angel investors, over $2.5 million has been raised to date.

They currently have several customers, including Hachshara GO, an Israeli insurance company that is presently offering incentives to clients who submit digital photos of their vehicles for DamagePrint reports.

 “We believe that we have built a completely new standard in automated vehicle inspection– DamagePrint™, which will have the same impact as the fingerprint when it was first used 161 years ago to reduce fraud.”
Eugene Greenberg, Founder and CEO

 From left to right: Dmitry Geyzersky, CTO; Eugene Greenberg, CEO.

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