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Codafication: Life imitates art. Business imitates technology.

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 9, 2019

Empowering insurers by augmenting existing infrastructure and allowing mobile first, omni-channel experiences. Data is their game. They are unconstrained by channel and industry. Austalian Codafication has built Unity, an ecosystem-Platform-as-a-Service (ePaaS) for the insurance industry. Unity empowers an insurer to design, create and accelerate the delivery of digital ecosystems and integrated structural partnerships. Unity unlocks massive upsides for Data Science, AI, Machine Learning to modernizing digital customer experiences and integration of new partners in the value or supply chain.

Unity is pro-code, with a growing library of configurable extensions related to the insurance value chain and supply chain. Everyone from software engineers, data scientists or digital teams can leverage this growing extension library or build their own propriety extensions with the most popular programming languages. The Unity platform then enables parallel delivery of projects in less time, with less risk and more cost effectively while adhering to existing enterprise architecture strategies. They enable companies to achieve extreme and agile programming methodologies.

Codafication’s technology is underpinned by Docker and Kubernetes with the ability to scale aspects of Unity and related services independently.

Unity: Powerful Swiss army knife for digital transformation
Codafication have helped partners deliver new services on top of legacy processes for 80% less cost, and from zero to production in under 6 weeks all while integrating to legacy systems with no API. Unity is a very powerful swiss army knife for digital transformation.

They are working on projects related to data enrichment, go-to-market distribution, omni-channel CX and white-label portals that can interact with legacy core systems  like Bancassurance and Broker networks.

As life mimics art, they believe business mimics technology…
More than ever, modular, agile, rapid delivery of business services that scale up and down will be critical in a highly competitive market. Long implementation cycles and incumbent business models will come under pressure as new ways of working become established. They strongly believe teams need to work freely and at speed to drive innovation, while reducing cost and business overhead to execute.

How it works

Unity’s powerful abstraction layer can interconnect everything from mainframe systems, middleware, microservices, IoT, serverless and cloud service APIs. This results in data extraction, workflow and orchestration across multi-cloud (including on-prem) technology systems and services.

Unlike other offerings they are private-cloud, modular and an open platform. This means an insurer can lift, shift or proxy data securely in and out ,or not store it at rest in the cloud, while enabling new proprietary innovations and retain control of intellectual property and competitive advantage. Data is securely managed with enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) with control over data surface area and the application layer – fully control how different users interact with any element of the abstraction API infrastructure and apps that sit on top or within.

Why we selected Codafication for DIA Amsterdam
Insurers data is still siloed, fragmented, disparate and uncommonly structured. Codafication provides a solution to how organisations can have better interoperability and leverage data shaping on the fly between these different systems. Unity (e-Paas) turbo-charges the digitial transformation while creating reusable digital infrastructure for multiple teams who can output full code solutions in parallel. Saving time and money.

At DIA Amsterdam Dan Sandaver, founder, Managing Director & James Pepplinkhouse, Chief Technology Officer demonstrated how they modernize legacy process and systems, leverage AI and IoT on the fly and drive new business outcomes and impact on FNOL and claims.

Check out their live demo here:

Who is Codafication?
Codafication is founded by Dan Sandaver in Brisbane Australia.
The company was spun off from a successful insurance property repair company based in Brisbane that has been operating for over 10 years.

Dan saw the ability to build tools to automate supply chains and the distributed work forces of the future. As they built more and more products, they realised that their modular approach to software development could add benefit to other parts of the insurance value chain, and other industries with similar challenges.

Codafication is always sprinting to enrich their core technology and platform services. They see Augmented Reality (AR), edge computing and IoT/AI driving more of the distribution function, straight through processing and augmentation of the physical workforce. These aspects of cognitive computing and robotics will define insurers who remain relevant and competitive in the next wave of financial services.

They have licensed their technology within Australia and are now a Microsoft for Startups partner in North America for the financial services segment. Since their DIA appearances in October 2018 and Amsterdam 2019 they have forged new partnerships with global insurers in Europe and Asia and they are continuing to grow.

Codafication’s vision is to democratize data and revolutionize the enterprise! Founded and self-funded in Brisbane (Australia) in 2016, we’re now scaling globally.

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