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Comadso: Bridging the gap between insurers and their potential and existing customers

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 25, 2024

The significant differences between insurance products are found in the terms and conditions – and not the policy. The differences in coverage, limitations, exceptions, and compensation are quite difficult to understand for consumers and are only described in the many pages of terms and conditions. 

Comadso compares the wording in insurance products in Scandinavia, Poland, Holland and Spain. Whenever an insurer changes its products, Comadso updates the database on that same day. More than 50 insurers across Europe use Comadso’s product transparency database daily to track and monitor their competitors’ insurance products. 

To attract and retain customers, insurers need to be able to explain in a customer-friendly way in which ways they offer better quality, coverage, and compensation than their competitors.  Otherwise, customers will continue to chase after cheaper offers. 

How it works

Insurers now have correct and daily updated competitor material ready to use. Comadso offers three different solutions tailored to specific client needs:

  1. Basic Access: A web-based SaaS solution that offers clients direct and 24/7 online access to its comparison tool at 
  1. System Integration: Seamless API integration of its solution into the client’s own sales tool.
  1. Web Integration: Its comparison tool is integrated directly into the client’s website using API. 

Why did we select Comadso for ITC DIA Europe Munich 2023? 

Comadso makes insurance transparent, for insurers and their customers. Comadso’s technology allows online customers to compare specific insurance products based on their personal risk profile, so they can make an informed decision. By highlighting the specific advantages of one insurance offer over another, customers can be sure they are well-informed. Comadso’s solutions provide insurers with a competitive advantage by reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing conversion, and improving customer satisfaction. 

Rasmus Meineke, Founder of Comadso presented their real-time solution at ITC DIA Europe in Munich. Our audience is also crazy about their solution – they won an ITC DIAmond award twice in 2023 – one in Barcelona, and one in Munich. 

Who is Comadso?

Comadso is an Insurance Analyst Company founded in 2008 by Rasmus Meineke. Rasmus has been working in the insurance industry since 1994. Comadso is represented in Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden & Denmark, covering approximately 140 million citizens through 7000 insurance professionals in those 6 countries. 

“We deliver daily updated analyses in real-time to the insurance industry, in order for the industry to make professional decisions through updated analyses instead of outdated hard copies like Word and PowerPoint.”

Rasmus Meineke, Founder Comadso

Team Comadso
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