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comadso: making the consumer choose your company – and not the cheapest

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 2, 2019

comadso is Scandinavia’s leading analytical company for insurance comparison. With its head office in Copenhagen, comadso services insurance companies with access to comadso’s insurance database, where insurers can compare themselves on a daily basis with competitors to see the product advantages and disadvantages between insurance companies, which can then be used for various business initiatives in the following areas: business development, training and marketing, as well as customer sales and retention.

A daily updated and reliable competitor tool
For insurers, working in an extremely non-transparent and product-complex market, it is important to have a daily updated and reliable competitor tool in order for the insurers agents, multi-agents and brokers to pay attention to their competitor’s limitations, exceptions and deficiencies in their products which vary from day to day. The insurance employees in comadso analyze and update daily more than 100,000 pages of terms and conditions, homepages and product sheets of insurers insurance products for pros and cons in relation to each other in both Denmark, Sweden Norway, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The innovative part is that comadso’s daily updated comparison database can handle API-online requests directly to an insurers webpage. When customers visit specific insurers homepages with a focus on saving money, it is up the insurers to change that focus into product quality by knowing where that specific insurers products suits the customer needs better than e.g. another specific provider equivalent or cheaper product. When you have no verbal contact with the customer, it can be impossible to change that focus, when you are unable to show and tell the customer where and why your product is better than your competitors.

Their latest feature provides a comparison where users can sort all the advantages, they have against a competitor based on the customers profile. This enables the advisor to focus on the advantages that are relevant and most important for the customer

Customer is willing to pay more
The problem is that customers do not experience significant differences beyond the questions they are asked about needs, coverage and what insurance contains.

Since insurance products, terms and conditions are opaque, it is difficult and time-consuming for the customer to compare the content and therefore a third problem is raised for the companies that are not among the cheapest providers on the market, and that is they are mainly measured and weighed on price and deductible and not quality.

This means that in most cases, it is the cheapest providers that often run with the greatest customer attention.

But a recent consumer survey conducted by Wilke revealed that 71% of 1044 people surveyed, are willing to pay more for their insurances if they become aware of the differences in insurance products.

As comadso has provided services to insurers for many years, they have experienced that there are many more consumers interested in quality insurance. However, if the consumer can’t be explained why it is a quality product, the consumer will be motivated towards a cheaper deal. By using comadso the customer is motivated by the competitive advantages and happily pays more for the insurance as the insurance meets the customer’s needs better event though its more expensive.


  • Daily updates of 100,000+ pages of insurance terms and conditions, IPID sheets daily.
  • They can give a correct online answer to a customer where one product suits them more than another.
  • Offers transparency via API-access.
  • Save time on business & product development
  • Higher turnover and retention
  • See the advantages and disadvantages among competitors

How it works

Why we selected comadso for DIA Munich
comadso offers transparency by allowing clients to compare insurance products online and real time. With increase conversion rates as a result.

At DIA Munich comadso will present their API-online solution, which increases the customer attraction towards product quality and not prices.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is comadso?
comadso was founded by Rasmus Meineke, CEO in 2008. The company is based in Copenhagen in Denmark and is active in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Spain and Poland.  During the last years they have grown fast and now more as 20 different insurance companies use comadso. 

” We make insurance products transparent for insurers with daily product updates” Rasmus Meineke, CEO
” Making it simply for consumers to choose quality over price” Rasmus Meineke, CEO


Rasmus Meineke, CEO            Mikkel Dræby, COO​

London 27-28 January

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