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Community Life: offering a fully digital platform for insurance

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 7, 2019

German startup Community Life created a digital platform for the sales and administration of insurance. Their technology delivers a solution that is convenient and transparent for customers while its enables insurers to administer policies at a fraction of the usual costs. The end-to-end digital solution and microservices architecture support comprehensive data analytics and easy integration into other ecosystems. Insurers can use Community Life as their own label or as white label solution.

Community Life was the first InsurTech offering customers to take out life insurance products fully online, with no paper and no signature. Customers can get fully underwritten life insurance or disability cover within 10 minutes. The platform also offers a self-service portal for secure communication through which customers can make changes to their policies themselves.  Once and done, no need for any back-office work. This enables companies to achieve an FTE ratio for administration that is tenfold lower compared to current market average. The technology uses open source software and cloud hosting with purchased software being restricted to a mathematical core that contains all the business rules for a wide array of life insurance products. This approach enables technology costs to be very significantly lower to the cost’s life insurers face today.


Community Life is responsible for marketing as well as full policy administration.  Customers apply online and an automated underwriting tool asks questions to assess risk and determine loadings as well as exclusions.  Larger cases, or if customers want a review of the automated result, are handled by underwriters, using the online portal for a safe, paperless communication with the customer that fully conforms to GDPR requirements.

Community Life’s platform and offering have won numerous awards. Like the 4.8 out of 5 Stars eKomi customer rating, a Net Promoter Score of 63, Best Term Life Insurance in Germany rated as “very good” WirtschaftsWoche 2018) and Customer Favorite, with „Gold“ status Focus Money, 2018 and many more.

How it works

Community Life has made life insurance digital. From application to policy administration, it all works online and automated: a quantum leap in digitization.

The secure self-service portal also enables customers to make changes to their policies themselves and to see their entire transaction history and documentation in a transparent online logbook. Many typically cumbersome tasks such as change of bank account, payment frequency or beneficiary are immediately implemented. The solution also permits companies to provide customers and their advisors with a record of phone and chat advice. These are uploaded into the customer’s logbook as audio and digital files so that the customer has a record of all advice given.

A seamless and secure online process regardless of the distribution channel and pre- as well as post-sales. A new chassis that delivers convenience, cost savings, comprehensive data analytics and easy integration into other ecosystems.

Why we selected Community Life for DIA Munich
In general insurers uses older back- end systems not designed for the online world. These systems make it difficult to meet customers’ expectations in terms of full online convenience or to achieve cost efficiencies through full automation. Community Life’s solution bridges this technology gap.

The platform enables seamless online issuance of cover and customer self-administration of policies via a secure self-service portal.

At DIA Munich Claudia Lang, co-founder and CEO presented a live demo of the operating platform.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Community Life?
Community Life is an InsurTech founded in 2013 by Claudia Lang and Stefan Keck. The company is based near Frankfurt and has a team of 14 insurance and IT experts.

Co-founder Claudia Lang is a lawyer from Toronto and has many years of experience in the insurance industry. She was a board member of an international insurance company and chairman of an international insurance association. Co-Founder Stefan Keck has established the sales department of two international insurance companies and was last responsible for the German broker business of an international insurance company.

The company is currently cash flow positive and the founders own 100% of the equity. A fund raising of up to €5 m. is planned to expand to accelerate expansion. The company plans to expand to the Swiss market in 2019.

”Life insurance needs to be made convenient and fair for the customer in the digital age. We at Community Life have set out with a completely fresh approach to products, design and underlying technology to achieve just that.” Claudia Lang, co-founder & CEO Community Life.

Claudia Lang, co-founder & CEO Community Life.

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