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Companjon: right there when life happens  

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Apr 1, 2022

Companjon is a European insurtech that offers embedded insurance that is 100% digital, end-to-end and hassle-free. Their B2B business model allows Companjon to partner with digital and traditional businesses across Europe such as online booking platforms and travel agencies, fintechs, neobanks and mobility providers to bring fast, flexible, and fully automated insurance to their customers. Their insurance solutions are aimed at offering a safety net that customers need if plans change or don’t work out. Companjon has a clear aim to develop only those products that clients really want.

Companjon’s insurance solutions are fully integrated into the platform of online businesses. Its scalable platform is 100% cloud-based and is capable of processing 32,000 policies per second, which allows for flexible product development and seamless integrations.

Partnering with Companjon allows digital and traditional businesses to grow their business by increasing loyalty and retention and growing additional revenues. Companjon’s solutions support event-driven interactions (EDI) throughout the customer journey as well as automated claims and immediate payouts. Companjon does not only offer the technology but also acts as an underwriter allowing for full product flexibility. Companjon designs products based on the ‘customer-first’-principle, which leads to ‘no exclusions as a standard’. As a result, the business can fast test products and solutions on-demand, improve customer experience and drive conversion.

Why we selected Companjon for DIA Amsterdam

Companjon caters for several industries, like fintechs and online travel agents who embed relevant insurance solutions in their customer journey. Think of Flight Delay Insurance which is not new, but Companjon makes it an instant add-on. Companjon’s Flight Delay Insurance is a fully digitised end-to-end solution that offers automated claims processing and instant payouts for every minute a flight is delayed, starting with as little as a 15 minutes delay – whether it be for departure or arrival. The payout is automatically triggered and created, a customer does not even need to ask for it.

Companjon is an INSURTECH100 company and with ZA Tech as their strategic partner, Companjon has been able to build on a successful business model in Asia.

Matthias Naumann, Chief Executive Officer, will present Companjon’s Flight Delay Insurance at DIA Amsterdam 2022. He will explain how Companjon has digitized the customer journey end-to-end, how the product has been designed based on clients’ needs, how the automated claims processing works and how instant payout and gamification work.

Who is Companjon?

Companjon was founded 2020, is headquartered in Dublin and operates in Europe as a licensed underwriter and risk carrier. The company is fully funded by a leading Swiss insurer ($200 million in funding). Over the next 12 months, the company is looking to extend its international footprint and latest lifestyle insurance solutions, and will explore blockchain & cryptocurrency applications in insurance, as well as bringing embedded insurance to other jurisdictions. 

Companjon strives to change the way people think about insurance, turning negative experiences into positive ones. Our motto: Right there when life happens! 

“I said to myself, if we could build and offer insurance solutions that are engaging, event-driven and fully digital, we could make an impact on how people view and experience insurance.” 

Matthias Naumann, Chief Executive Officer

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