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Connective: Leader in Digital Transaction Management

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Mar 3, 2017

Connective, founded in 2014, has rapidly become a Digital Transaction Management reference company in the financial, insurance and public sectors in Belgium and The Netherlands. The Antwerp FinTech scale-up, offers solutions to generate, digitally sign and exchange so-called “smart contracts” in an ergonomic, secure and flexible way. Connective meets the growing market demand to digitize document driven processes and easily collect digital signatures by the different stakeholders. The company mainly focuses on large banks, insurers and other financial institutions. Connective’s innovative, proven and futureproof technology is compliant to European standards (ETSI/eIDAS) and is used by banks and insurers such as BNP Paribas, Delta Lloyd Life, Federale Verzekeringen, ING Bank, Credit Agricole’s Keytrade, DELA and many more.

Improving user-experience and operational excellence
The need for digitization is especially important for the millennial customer segment.
How can you book a holiday in three clicks, and select, order and pay in one, but you still have to take many, many steps to do the same in financial matters. Regulation? Compliance? Because we are used to automating existing processes rather than designing new customer experiences?  Connective removes the friction inherent in transactions that typically involve people i.e. workflow, paperwork, document handling, data trails and signatures, to create faster, easier, more convenient, compliant and secure processes;

  • Providing a continuous and consistent customer experience for every stage in the customer life-cycle, independent of the channel or device that was used. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the end-user. Greatly reducing the loss of business and drastically improving the onboarding process.
  • Enabling companies to achieve shorter business cycles with fewer disruptions. Less employee work-hours gathering necessary input data, composing or editing documents and contacting involved parties. Material costs are reduced by using less print, paper and postage costs.
  • Digitization of the processes greatly reduces the risk of human errors. In addition, because of the strict transaction flow management, the control of user access rights and secure data storage, compliance with legal and industry regulations, including customer privacy and data-protection, is easily obtained.
  • Financial benefits; higher revenues and cutting of unnecessary costs.

Digital Transaction Management done right:
Connective’s DTM software includes three key ingredients:

  • Digital Documents: digitizing all of an organization’s documents and data.  Design, maintain and use of document templates without any programming.
  • Automated workflow: they help build digital workflows. If a certain document needs to be signed by different parties in a specific order, Connective automates this process.
  • Electronic Signatures: they ensure that all documents are digitally signed in a legal way. Using technology compliant to European standards (ETSI/ eIDAS). For some transactions, like most business agreements, an ‘advanced’ signature is sufficient. For others, like a loan or life insurance, a ‘qualified’ signature is preferable. Digital Signatures are gradually becoming a commodity. The Digital Transaction Management cycle cannot be complete if the signatures process has not been digitized. The seamless integration of Connective’s eSignatures with the existing business applications of the insurer benefit all stakeholders, partners, brokers and end customers.

Why we selected Connective for DIA Amsterdam
We selected Connective to ‘show and tell’ how they help insurance companies to make a giant leap forward in digital transaction management. Offering a seamless, flawless and accurate customer journey by embracing a completely digital transaction. Client onboarding, customer communication, contract negotiation and digital signing all from the comfort of a phone, tablet or laptop in a multi-channel onboarding process. Helping accomplish a faster time-to-market, efficient and cost-effective workflows, and consistent customer communication and a lower ecological footprint.

Who are
Founded in 2014 and led by Eric Bohner. In September 2016, the company raised 4.5 million euros, primarily through their founding partners Michel Akkermans and Erik Dralans, to accelerate it international expansion, aiming to service the EMEA markets. The company has its main office in Antwerp with branches in Den Haag (NL) and in Paris (FR).

Founder & CEO Eric Bohner

“The best proof of customer satisfaction is when users start asking for more. This is what happened with Connective’s easy-to-use software, after a while customers asked about the possibilities on mobile. They wanted to be able to use the digital transaction software on mobile devices as well”. Eric Bohner Founder & CEO at Connective


Presenter: Eric Bohner

Contact Info: 
Lotte Van Deyck email: [email protected]
Mickey Vonckx telephone: +31 6 39753211
Eric Bohner telephone: +32495 58 88 89

Amsterdam 12-13 June


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