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Control€xpert: redefining rules in claims

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Oct 4, 2017

Control€xpert, the German digital pioneer in automation provides technology services that streamline various elements of the claims management process by using a combination of software, data analytics and human expertise to assess the magnitude of damages and the associated repair expenses. The company facilitates the communication among all participants in the claims settlement process, including insurance companies, car repair shops, car owners, OEMs as well as leasing and fleet management companies. Making motor claims and maintenance management easier, faster, and more efficient for all parties involved.

The company started in 2002 as a service provider in motor claims processes, especially in the area of invoice verification. The huge amount of data on car repairs they used to analyze damage and claims pattern while they built a digital network connecting a significant number of garages. They were the first with digitally managed workflows.  Insurers using the services save up to 10% of the repair costs. Now they perform audits of appraisals, estimates, invoices, and maintenance documents in a fully-automated way. They audit more than 7 million vehicle claims per year with 600 employees in 14 countries.

Control€xpert customers include all major insurance and leasing companies, repair shops and original equipment manufacturer in the automotive industry. The company is currently executing a successful roll-out in the United States, and also entering other markets such as China.

Easy Claim, a smart way of handling vehicle claims
Control€xpert introduces the Easy Claim app, which changes the claims handling process for many customers. After an accident, the customer calls the insurance company. The insurance company then sends an Internet link to Easy Claim to the smartphone of the customer. Using the app behind the link, the customer takes photos of the damage and the vehicle registration certificate. In a few minutes, Control€xpert calculates the compensation payment and offers a choice between this payment and navigation to a garage to get the car repaired. If the customer chooses the compensation payment, the claim is settled in a couple of minutes. Otherwise the car can be navigated to a garage in the partner network of the insurer or to a garage of the customer choice depending on the terms of the insurance contract.

Research and development are key
Control€xpert invests a lot in research and development to ensure that it keeps up with
the fast-evolving technology. One element of its vision of future services is using sensors in cars to evaluate claims at the moment the accident occurs. This would allow a new level of roadside assistance and claim regulation, without even taking a picture of the car. The end vision is that in the moment the car comes to a stop after a crash, the technology has already calculated the extent of the damage using data from the sensors in the car. It will then offer the same services offered today by Easy Claim on a screen in the car itself.

As a side effect to the core business, Control€xpert gained so much insight through data analytics that today it also advises the automotive industry on how to build cars so that they have lower cost of insurance.

Why we selected Control€xpert for Dia Munich
We selected Control€xpert to DIA Munich because Control€xpert is an innovator and disruptor. It’s not by chance that their motto is “Redefining Rules.” Their unique combination of automotive knowledge and IT tools have made the claims and maintenance management easier, faster and more efficient for all parties involved.

At DIA Munich the company will showcase their vision of the vehicle claims process of the future;in case of an accident, Alexa type E-Call system contacts driver and offers assistance, drone is sent to document damage, AI calculates damage from pictures and telematics data, AI checks insurance coverage, body shop availability and contacts all parties and finally the repair shop is notified and starts printing of spare parts before car is in shop.

Who is Control€xpert?
Founded in 2002 by Gerhard Witte. Witte is the founder of Control€xpert and AUTOnline. In addition, he co-founded several innovative companies, such as the renowned Internet platforms Autoscout24 and Immobilienscout24.

The company is led by Gerhard Witte, Kai Siersleben and Nicholas Witte. In May 2017, the company announced a strategic partnership with General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm providing capital and strategic support for growth companies.

Kai Siersleben, Gerhard Witte, and Nicolas Witte the managing directors of Control€xpert


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