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Creadi: rethink insurance for a digital future

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Sep 25, 2018

Swiss insurtech Creadi aims to create the entirely digital insurance of the future. They created Simpego, the first completely digital insurance platform and app in Switzerland. They help their customers save time and find their individual insurance, on Simpego, they can get their insurance with a few clicks, one that is catered to their needs. No paperwork or long discussions are necessary. All can be dealt with on their platform or via the Simpego app. Their car scanner makes insurance even easier. All that is needed is a car registration document and a smartphone. Simpego’s clever software takes care of the rest.

The Simpego platform/app is modular and offers insurances from various renowned Swiss insurers. They work closely together with Swiss insurance companies such as Vaudoise Versicherungen, Coop Versicherungen, ERV, Epona, Dextra Versicherungen AG and Baloise. Due to the modular nature of their platform, they remain flexible and are always keen to find the best insurance products for their customers. This is why we constantly keep up to date about the newest insurance and InsurTech trends.

There are many insurers on the Swiss market, and it is often difficult to find the best solution. Hence, many Swiss people do not really compare insurances but just choose one to avoid investing too much time, which might not offer the best value for money. Insurance is often still a complicated matter that involves a lot of work, Creadi makes insurance accessible and easy without dumbing things down.

Central hub
Creadi currently offers insurances for travelling, digital tools, and vehicles on their platform. For the future, their roadmap is set to offer life insurance and home insurance as well. Their long-term goal is to provide a platform where customers can find any insurance they need without having to spend a lot of time comparing or debating pros and cons. Simpego will be the central hub to get the best offer possible.

Simpego Snap, the clever scanner for car insurance
Simpego Snap is part of the recently launched car insurance offer together with Dextra Versicherungen AG. With Simpego Snap, they bypass the long and oftentimes arduous process of finding the right insurance for a car. By just taking a picture, the clever software behind Simpego Snap, employing Image Processing and Machine Learning, digitizes the information, analyses it, and provides the user with the best possible result.

This unique combination of technology and insurance opens up entirely new possibilities: In the future, their powerful scanning software will be able to analyze insurance policies, also by just taking a picture of it and showing where users can still optimize matters and get the best deal.

Why we selected Creadi for DIA Munich
The AI driven insurance platform allows customers to easily find individual solutions. The combination of technology and insurance opens up new possibilities.
At DIA Munich, Désirée Mettraux (CEO) and Clemens Bachmair (CTO) will present Simpego Snap, the clever scanner for car insurances.

Check out their live demo here:​

Who is Creadi?
Creadi is the innovative and independent InsurTech startup of Pax Holding in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in October 2016 and successfully launched its digital insurance platform/app Simpego in 2017. They have constantly expanded their array of insurances since then and count on the partnership with renowned Swiss insurers to guarantee the best offers now and in the future. Their goal is to make insurance as easy as possible.

”We are passionate about the possibilities of new technologies to give our users the best insurance and service possible.” Désirée Mettraux (CEO)

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