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CyberDirekt: securing small businesses against cyber attacks

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Nov 9, 2017

Berlin based startup CyberDirekt believes any company, regardless of size, should be able to effectively protect itself against cyber risks. Small businesses, the self-employed and the liberal professions are usually not given the opportunity to protect themselves like a large company. CyberDirekt is their protection against digital risks, like hacking and cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly threatening companies’ networks and data. The advancing digitization brings an exponential growth of cyber-attacks and threat scenarios. Cyber incidents are the third largest business risk for companies in Germany. Probably the biggest challenge in a cyber insurance consultation is the fact that neither the insurer or the customer is an IT expert in order to properly discuss the risk of a cyber-attack. That’s why CyberDirekt’s wants to make cyber insurances easy and fast to sell.

CyberDirekt offers a digital sales process for cyber insurance products. This includes lead generation, risk assessment, advisory, application process, pricing and immediate underwriting. New solutions across the cyber insurance value chain. First of all, they create a digital sales tool which supports the broker & agent to lead the conversation with his customer and facilitate the sale of the cyber insurance contract.

The startup learned through extensive market research that cyber insurance contracts are hardly being sold by German brokers & agents due to the complexity of the product, like risk assessment questions, contractual obligations and variety of coverages. Brokers and agents are reluctant to talk to their customers about cyber risks and not engaging with this new class of insurance. Moreover, the customers have a limited awareness for their own vulnerability concerning cyber-attacks.

The registration for distribution partners has been opened and more than 200 brokers have already registered.

CyberDirekt offers:
·      Products tailored to SMEs
·      A complete package against cyber risks
·      Highest standards of quality
·      A good price-performance ratio

Their consulting tool assists insurers in making their risks understandable to their customers
·      Simple practice examples help explain the consequences of a cyberattack
·      With their market comparison, they can easily show the differences between appropriate rates
·      With the digital application form, it is easy to enroll.

Why we selected CyberDirekt for DIA Munich
CyberDirekt takes a new role in the value chain. CyberDirekt offers a digital sales process for cyber insurance products. By enabling brokers & agents through new solutions across the cyber insurance value chain. the best cyber risk protection product for SMEs

Who is CyberDirekt
The startup is founded in 2017 by Hanno Pingsmann in Berlin. Currently there are 10 employees. The planned market entry is in January 2018. CyberDirekt’ employees have several years of experience in the fintech industry, (re) insurance, IT security, technology companies and the ecommerce sector.

Hanno Pingsmann, CEO and founder CyberDirekt


Representative: Hanno Pingsmann

Contact info: Hanno Pingsmann
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 163 4131369

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