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dacadoo: How to make your customers healthier and wealthier

Written by Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks - Founders The DIA Community on Jan 26, 2024

Prevention in the health insurance industry is a big topic. However, prevention is not possible without good customer retention and interaction. dacadoo enhances customer acquisition and experience, for life and health insurers. It develops technology solutions, for digital health engagement and health risk quantification. Insurers can utilise these solutions to dramatically improve underwriting and use risk engine to understand the population’s health, leading to better pricing and even improved customer health outcomes. 

You can license dacadoo’s platform in the market as a white-label or through API, empowering its clients to build their app and digital proposition on top of the dacadoo technology. With dacadoo, insurers can: 

  • Increase and improve customer loyalty, customer retention and customer engagement 
  • Activate upsell and cross-sell through product personalization 
  • Provide insurance discount based on healthy behaviour 

How it works

dacadoo App 

On the landing page, the Wheel of Life and the Health Score can be found. The Health Score simplifies a user’s health status to a single number from 0 to 1,000, to make health measurable and understandable. A dashboard is shown containing activity trackers such as sleep, steps, kilocalories, and distance. Customers can set goals, challenges, and other activities. Customers can track over 120 different activities and connect their preferred tracking devices and/or apps. It is also possible for customers to contact insurers, hospitals, clinics etc. directly on the app, through direct messages. 

dacadoo Apple Watch Program 

When customers stay active on the platform every day and achieve their goals, they collect points. These points can be converted into cash to cover the monthly cost of Apple watches partly or in whole. dacadoo is one of the three main partners worldwide that works with this solution and this program with Apple.  

Why we selected Dacadoo for ITC DIA Europe Munich 

Health can sometimes be very difficult to grasp and quantify. dacadoo simplifies this by using the health score. This allows customers to feel like they are in control and can positively influence their health outcomes. The platform is based on distinctive functionalities because (1) everyone is different and has different needs and (2) this generates a lot of valuable and powerful data for insurers. 

At ITC DIA Europe Munich, dacadoo presented how insurers can better interact with their customers, to drive engagement and obtain more data.  

Who is dacadoo? 

dacadoo was founded in 2010 by Swiss entrepreneur Peter Ohnemus and is headquartered in Zurich,  Switzerland. It has a team with  85+ employees representing more than 15 nationalities across its various locations in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.  

dacadoo’s clients are Life & Health insurers. However, more recently, bancassurance and international financial institutions, as well as retailers and pharmacy chains started to use the dacadoo’s technology to develop their digital proposition.  

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